Bhaskar interview: Shilpa Shetty has spent 27 years in the industry, making a comeback on screen with Nikma and Hungama-2

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4 minutes agoAuthor: Umesh Kumar Upadhyay

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These days, Shilpa Shetty, who is judging the dance reality show Super Dancer-4, is also trying to make a comeback on the film screen. Shilpa, who has been away from the film for years, is going to make a comeback with the film Nakamma and Hungama-2. He spoke in a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar on his return from being a judge in private life to himself. Here is the key part of the conversation:

  • What challenges do you see in the dance reality show Super Dancer over time?

Shilpa- Being in a judge’s seat is a challenging task in itself. There is incredible talent across the country. This talent blows your senses every season. These children are not only trend, but also very innocent and influential. Therefore, finding the balance to do justice as well as making them comfortable is a difficult task. It gets harder every season.

  • What kind of determination do you get as an actress judging?

Shilpa- I am an artist and dance has been an integral part of my journey. It is fun to have an opportunity to impart the knowledge that I have gained from my experiences. Not only this, when these children perform their performances, I also learn a lot from them. The flow of energy and knowledge is very satisfying creatively.

  • How do you judge your work in personal life?

Shilpa- I would not say that measuring your work is an easy task. But when I see something of my own, then I try to be fair. I look at my entire work in a holistic way and forget the fact that I am in it. Seeing myself as an audience in this way helps me to understand my mistakes and achievements rationally.

  • There are very few actresses in the industry, who despite being away from films for so long, are still in the limelight. What is its secret?

Shilpa- There is no secret to it. My goal has never been to be in the headlines. My intention has always been to work towards the things that inspire me. I am fortunate to have my fans across the country and lavish my love on me. They appreciate everything I do. To be honest, I consider myself blessed by getting so much love from the fans.

  • After all, why are your film fans craving, will you appear in a film in the coming times?

Shilpa- Yes, I will be back on the screen soon with Shabbir Khan’s Nikamma and Priyadarshan’s Hungama-2. I am super excited about that. I am sure that viewers are going to like both the films.

  • Look at Baazigar, released in 1993, since then you have spent 27 years in the industry. What is the secret behind such a long career?

Shilpa- It has been an incredible journey without a doubt. I do not know the secret behind this. But as I said, my intention was never to succeed, but to work on something that I really believe in. Fame and everything were just the result of my work. I still have a lot of work to do, learn and move forward.

  • Talk about health, then you are an inspiration for millions of women. What would you suggest to them, especially in the Corona era?

Shilpa- My tip is to make your health the most priority. Exercise daily, eat nutritious food at the right time and drink plenty of water. Corona has taught us the importance of fitness and immunity, so work on it.

  • Will you share an interesting anecdote while working with Basu Da (Anurag Basu) and Geeta Maa (Geeta Kapoor)?

Shilpa- I have so many stories, it would be quite difficult to narrate just one. They are fun people to be around. We share a different connection. They make every day unprecedented.

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