Bhaskar Interview: Shreya Ghoshal’s remixes of the old songs, the opposition of making a recreated version, said – by doing this spoil the old songs

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8 hours agoAuthor: Ankita Tiwari

Shreya Ghoshal’s new single ‘Angna More’ has been released recently. Shreya has written the lyrics of this song and she has composed it as well. While the producer of the song is his brother Soumyadeep Ghoshal. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Shreya spoke about the songs, her brother’s collaboration and personal life. He opposed the remixes and the rerecorded version of old songs in films. Shreya said that by doing this, nothing new is done, instead old songs are spoiled. Excerpts from their conversation: –

Q. Tell us something about your new song ‘Angna More’? What is the story behind making the song?
While everyone was getting bored in the lockdown, I got a voice from inside that a classical bandish song should be made. I called my brother Soumyadeep and said that I am ready to compose, compose and sing. You just conceptualize. Similarly, this song was made on video call. Graphics and artwork have been used in the picturization of the song, which makes it unique. The song is choreographed by Shakti Mohan. Main and Soumyadeep are also featuring in this song.

Q. How pleasant was the collaboration with brother Soumyadeep? Do both of you have common siblings?
I think when I and Soumadeep work together we have a lot of fun, jokes. Many times laugh for hours with a joke. But the work that comes in the fun of the joke comes from Nikhar. Soumadeep is 7 years younger than me, so I sometimes try to scold him a little. But to be honest, I am afraid of her, because she is a taskmaster. Performs his work with perfection.

Q. You are seen acting in your songs. But is there ever any desire to act in a film or on the OTT platform?
To be honest, this has been going on with me for many years. I have received offers from many films. Films have also been offered from very big production houses. But I feel that I do not have an acting bug. I am afraid to face the camera for acting. I think music videos also tell a story in a way. So I like being a part of them. But there is no desire to work in films even in future.

Q. How did you use lockdown last year?
To be fair, I gave time to my family in this lockdown. Apart from this, gardening and cooking are very fond. But the important thing is that for a long time, the disiplin related to music was a bit different. I was not able to do Riyaz. Many songs were recorded. There were events and shows, due to which Riyaz was not able to give time. But in lockdown I spent an hour everyday. Even though now the world is getting normal again and work on the show, music album has started. Still I give time to Riyaz everyday.

Q. You are singing from a young age. What is the most memorable okey of your life?
I consider myself very lucky that I was blessed with great legends at a young age. He has got a chance to sing in front of him. Girija Devi, Vilad Khan Sahab, Anil Biswas ji, Zakir Hussain Sahab getting accolades from all these veterans, getting awards from their hands is very special for me. After coming to Mumbai, I took 2 years of music training from Anand ji Kalyan ji. I still remember that he used to have a concert called Little Wonders for children, in which I was called very rarely.

One day I asked him why I was called so low, so he said that I do not want to disturb the gift of your voice that you have received from God. I don’t want you to do concerts everyday. Rather keep your voice saved till the right time. I tied his advice and did not do the show until the right time came. By carving his voice, the carving and even today his words resonate in my ears.

Q. What advice would you give to newcomers in the music industry?
The advice I want to give is not new. It is just that there is always the urge to learn. Do not be greedy after wealth and fame. If you want to be a horse of the long race, then focus on your art and make it a priority. If you are definitely doing Riyaz, grooming your art, giving it time, then you have to get a chance. Maybe work will get a little less, but the chance you will get will be remembered throughout your life and people will also remember your work.

Q. Nowadays, female solo songs are rarely seen in new films as compared to old films. What would you like to say about this?
This is very unfortunate for the music industry. I consider myself lucky that I sang 3-4 solos and two duets in my first film Devdas. I have seen the best time of that time. The practice of less female songs has started in our music industry since few years. I think instead of moving forward, we are falling behind in this direction. There is a great need to change this. It is a big region that I am doing independent music.

In Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s films, women are shown in important roles. I believe that there are very few female centric films being made in the industry today. Due to which the female solo songs are also decreasing. There is a great need to change this practice. I just want to say that when independent music can also be made, why wait to get songs in films.

Q. Music has changed completely in the last 2 decades. Melody Songs has been replaced by remixes and recreated songs. How do you see it?
This is entirely the fault of the music label. If you want, you can make such good music. But remixes and recycled songs are a simple way to create commercial music. Taking a 90s hit song and recreating or remixing it. First of all, those songs are not so old. Even today when people play original songs, people like to listen. He did not do anything new by recreating that song, but only spoiled the old song. I am less into a remix and favorite song recitals.

I think the audience doesn’t like them too much. She is also cooked and now the time has come to do something new. Last year, films were released less because of lockdown. Therefore, there has been a slight decrease in this trend and independent music has come a bit further. The audience is also very smart. They are also looking for golden albums, which they can listen to for many years. Not a song that is forgotten after 2 weeks of its release.

Q. Who do you consider to be the turning point in your career?
The biggest turning point in my career was my first film ‘Devdas’, the album of which I sang most of the songs. At that time, I was only 16 years old. The songs brought me recognition and the opportunity to work with so many people. That album changed my life. Next year I will complete 20 years in the music industry.


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