Bhaskar Interview: ‘The Bizzleblower’ actress Sonali Kulkarni said – I have always raised my voice against wrong

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Sonali Kulkarni, Sachin Khedekar, Ritwik Bhowmik, Ankita Sharma starrer 9 episode web series ‘The Bizzleblower’ is going to stream on Sony Liv on 16th December. In this, Sonali will be seen exposing the doctor’s adventures in the role of editor. Apart from this, preparations are going on for his two web series Crackdown-2 and Dharavi Bank. A third Marathi film including Sitara and Shot and Sweet film is also coming up. Sonali narrates the series and under herself:

My character does justice to the wrong:
The story of the show is very funny. We consider the medical profession as God. Very holy and great. After the operation is successful, the feet of the doctor are also touched. On the other hand, if some wrong incidents happen in this profession, then our faith gets shaken. Those with whom bad things don’t happen, they don’t even believe. The story begins with Dismiss. My character in the series is of Zenab Parkar, who is the editor of the news channel.

How does it do justice to the wrong incident? Tells a story with different characters. What difference does this make to the public, these things will be seen in the show. The issue of the show is not just about the medical profession, but about raising voice against wrong incidents.

My doctor knows how much I adore them:
While taking this character in my hand, there was not a single but-but-no doubt in my mind, because all the doctors, from my family doctor to the specialist, know how much I respect them. I think the art of saving the life of the patient is in the hands of the doctor. There can be no greater art than this. If someone is doing wrong in any profession, then the thinking of that person is wrong. That profession is not wrong. The importance that the doctor is getting in the Corona era, he deserves it. There are some people who do wrong things. The justice that will have to be done to them, that God will see, why should we decide it.

Years of experience came in handy for this character. Just had to remember those memories a little. Till now I have visited so many publication houses. Got to go to the channel’s office and meet the editor. I have many photographers, videographers, reporter friends. On the surface I know what happens here, the show has to be started on the deadline or the story has to be filed. Have seen these things very closely. This character was narrated to me, then all the memories were with me, so did not try to copy any one editor. Director Manoj Pillay said that don’t imitate anyone. We make a genius, which people will like.

Shooting in Pandemic had to be stopped:
It has been shot in Mumbai, Lonavala and Bhopal. But my unit, producer and director have suffered a lot because shooting in Pandemic had to be stopped. Had to move to different cities. Closely observed that the lock down came and the unit got stuck, but completed the show with passion. Haven’t compromised with any of the scenes. In such a situation, it is very important for this show to be sexy.

Had to put on make-up again and again:
Shooting was going on in Bhopal, not one or two, but it happened many times that the flight got canceled for commuting here and then had to stay for two days. The challenges before us were how to go back to Pandemic and allot the date. It was also that the mask had to be worn again and again, due to which the makeup came off. Masks could not be removed, because there was a rule of the government, which was made for our safety. In this way, from small to big challenges faced. But it felt good

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