Bhaskar Interview: There is a feeling in the mind that if the villager of Saket now sees me, then do not think of him as a cheater: Adarsh ​​Gaurav

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One hour agoAuthor: Amit Karna

The recent release ‘The White Tiger’ has given Adarsh ​​Gaurav an uncountable global popularity. He also became the first Indian actor to be nominated for the Indian Spirit Award in the US with a big personality like Riz Ahmed. He was also honored with the Rising Award at the Asian World Film Festival. He shared his happiness and future plans with daily Bhaskar.

  • It has enhanced the pride of its name. Who would you like to give credit for name and popularity?

Ideal- Name’s brother and father. Both of them also for work. In my case too, there was family support. I got a lot of freedom from an early age. Due to this, the sense of responsibility also came. He started auditioning since the age of 14. After the 19th year, he started seeking his skills.

  • There wasn’t even a godfather?

Ideal- Yes yes Nobody knew far and wide in the industry. Infact had come to Mumbai from Jamshedpur in the year 2007, so there was no identity in the city. Since then, the journey has been amazing.

  • Your father was in the bank. There were no films from the family. Then how did this thought come to mind?

Ideal- Thought only after Bombay came. That is because Kala Ghoda was performing at the festival in the year 2008, after seeing someone, he said that he would like to act. Then I was just 13 or 14 years old. I also said yes in the light. Before that I was very naughty. Used to do a lot of pranks. I used to enjoy bullying. However, Kala Ghoda started auditioning after the festival. That cycle lasted for six years. Then when he was 19 years old, he got serious about Kraft. Till then he was like a hobby for me.

  • How many rejections were received in those six years?

Ideal- Received a lot. Rejections are a very normal thing in the life of an actor. You may be a very good actor, but it is possible that the director has a different vision. If you do not fit that template then your audition can be rejected. This is just one thing. There are 50 more things, because of which you get a role.

  • How many actors auditioned for the role of Balaram Halwai?

Ideal- If he had thought, he would have gone mad. We just focus on what to prepare for the role. It is definitely that five or six rounds were auditioned.

  • Never even asked the director, why did you choose later?

Ideal- Why would I hit an ax on my own foot by showing extra curiosity. When the selection was done, I again focused on my work. Didn’t think or ask much.

  • What were the talks with Priyanka Chopra and Rajkumar Rao at the break of the shoot?

Ideal- We used to talk about music of the 90s. While we were shooting the village scene, we used to talk to him about early and late 90’s music, albums, cassette players. Priyanka sings well too, so she was very interested in song and music. Even after the film became popular, we just congratulated each other. We are a WhatsApp group of three and directors. We keep each other updated there.

  • You also worked with a street vendor to get into the character skin of Balaram Halwai? Any gilt in mind?

Ideal- Yes yes At that time he had not told me why I was doing this. Now when he sees me somewhere, I am afraid that I will not think that I was a fraud. Many times I even felt like why I was doing this. What is the need to do this? On the first day, it seemed that hey, I am washing the plate. Oh wow, I’m sweeping. But sometimes it seemed that I would leave after doing this for 10 to 15 days. But this is the reality of a lot of people. People’s entire life goes out in doing this. This emotion used to give great gilt when it came to mind. That is because they are breaking the trust of people. Not only Saket, when I was also in the village, I was hiding by hiding my identity from him.

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