Bhaskar Interview: Vidya Balan said – If given a chance, I would like to play Charlie Chaplin on screen

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Actress Vidya Balan, who has played serious roles in films like “Kahaani”, “Dirty Picture”, “Ishqiya” and “Paa”, is keen to play comic Hollywood actor Charlie Chaplin. Recently during an exclusive conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, the actress said that if she is ever offered the role of Charlie Chaplin in her career, she would feel free to agree to it. During the conversation, Vidya also spoke about her upcoming short film ‘Natkhat’ which is based on gender equality.

Vidya is a big fan of Charlie Chaplin

On playing the character of Charlie Chaplin on screen, Vidya says, “If I get a chance, I want to play the role of Charlie Chaplin on the screen, in other words, this will be my dream role. I love him, he has played every role very well. To be honest, I don’t know how I will be able to play his character on screen, but yes, if anyone offers me the role of Charlie Chaplin in a film, I will definitely agree to it. I am a huge fan of his. Myself It will be fun to see him in his form.”

Vidya Balan loves thriller and drama filled movies

Vidya Balan is personally very fond of thriller movies. Regarding this, she says, “I love watching thriller movies because at some point or the other, all kinds of angles are seen in it – drama, romance etc. The film that keeps you hooked till the end, is something fun to watch. And that’s it. Most of the thriller movies have something like this. Sometimes I watch comedy movies too, but it’s a different thing about thriller and drama filled films.”

Vidya talks about her short film ‘Natkhat’

Vidya’s upcoming short film ‘Natkhat’ is soon releasing on the digital platform, which is based on gender equality. On Il, the actress says, “When director Shaan Vyas came to me with the script, my first reaction was how can you show such a big story in such a short time. When the film was over, I realized that it was a good one. It is a short film, because this story will shake you in half an hour. If it goes on for two hours like normal films, then it will be very difficult for the audience to accept it. We only keep talking about gender equality, we Let’s just talk that when man and woman will be given equal status, but not much change is visible. Through this film we have tried to tell that how important is the right upbringing. I am proud that I am like this. I am associated with the project.”

The story and character of the film matters to Vidya

Vidya has achieved a different position in the Hindi film industry. In such a situation, obviously people’s expectations are also high from them. So is Vidya under pressure to live up to these expectations? To this she says, “To be honest, I don’t take any decision keeping in mind anyone’s expectations. I don’t sign a film thinking that people will like it. What matters to me is the story and the character of the film. Yes. I can’t deny that the expectations of the audience boosts my confidence. When someone asks me what you are bringing this time, I feel very happy, it boosts my spirits.”

Vidya is very happy with the OTT release of her films

Vidya says on OTT release of her films, “I am very happy that our films are releasing somewhere, happy that we have OTT platform when theaters are closed. We have the option to release films. Audience also we have many options for entertainment, people can watch whatever content they want. OTT platform is like blessing for all of us. However, I am missing theater a lot. It’s fun watching movies with everyone. What’s more. Before Corona, Siddharth and I used to go to the theater every Friday to watch a film. When there was no shooting, we used to watch the film once a week. Also many people were hurt due to the closure of theaters The theater owner, the staff there, all of them have been badly affected. I hope everything is back to normal as soon as possible.”

Vidya spent time with Siddharth in lockdown

During the conversation, Vidya told that in this lockdown she has spent more and more time with herself. She says, “Nowhere to go, no meeting, no shooting, I spent a lot of time with myself at such times. I had a lot of time to do, but to be honest, this time I just spent more time with myself. Gave only to myself and Siddhartha.” Let me tell you, Vidya is soon working on the upcoming film of ‘Tumhari Sulu’ fame director Suresh Triveni.

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