Bhaskar Khas: Children becoming indifferent to online classes, 80% of the daily routine is impaired, this trend is more in children up to 8th class.

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  • Children Becoming Indifferent To Online Classes, 80% Of The Daily Routine Is Impaired, This Trend Is More In Children Up To 8th Class

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new Delhi17 minutes agoAuthor: Anirudh Sharma

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  • Online education started for the second consecutive session, children who went to school in the previous session did not reach the next class.

Children are becoming indifferent to studies due to online class, the enthusiasm of the children is dying out of school. With everything going on in Automode, laziness has increased. The daily routine of sleeping, bathing and brushing of 80% of the children has deteriorated, they have started getting sloppiness due to online class, especially in children up to 8th.

Gitanjali Kumar, the head counselor of CBSE Student Helpline, says that out of every 10 parents who come to them, 8 are talking about this topic. Tokataki, debate and irritability between parents and children is now the story of every household. Due to Corona, this week started the second consecutive academic session in the country, where online education is being conducted.

In the previous session, all the children who went to school were not admitted to the next classes. Geetanjali says that children are not enthusiastic about school. Some children do not even want to go to school, they have started getting this comfort. Discipline weakened. Following the time table, staying in regular routine – these things have completely deteriorated. Children are getting lazy. The years of childhood are the foundation of our whole life, our foundation itself is getting weaker at this time.

According to Dr. Ashok Pandey, former chairman of the National Progressive School Conference and director of EHLCON International School, there will be far-reaching consequences of learning loss in the past year. Now this loss is increasing, now how will it be repaid in future is a matter of concern. The period of restlessness is not taking its name.

This results in the brain on the body. In such a situation, it is the responsibility of the parents and teachers to keep the mental state of the children right, if there is a change in it, then do not react harshly. Talk to family and friends and solve problems, so that the mind and health of children are not affected for a long time.

Add children to hobby to overcome boredom: Psychologists

Eminent psychologist Dr. Sameer Parikh says that children handled this situation better than the elders. Suddenly it was not easy to shift to online studies, neither for teachers nor children, but everyone did. It may not be better than the real school, but it does not live on zero.

The situation was not under our control. Therefore its positive aspects should be looked into. This is necessary because Kovid is still there. We do not want to stress the children, their mood swings, never get frustrated, frustrated or irritable, it is natural. Play with them, try to increase physical activity. Promote hobby like art, music, writing, reading, poetry, dance, acting.

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