Bhaskar Khas: The 12 largest football clubs have formed the world’s largest league, each team with 3 thousand crores; FIFA angry, said – will ban

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  • The 12 Largest Football Clubs Have Formed The World’s Largest League, Each Team With 3 Thousand Crores; FIFA Angry, Said Will Ban

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London10 minutes agoAuthor: Tariq Panja

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The current European football economic model has been shaken by the Corona epidemic.

  • 20 teams to play in the new European Super League from August, France-Germany club not included

The 12 biggest football clubs in Europe, famous in the world, formed the new ‘Eurapean Super League’ on Sunday. It has included big clubs like Manchester City, United Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, AC Milan. The aim is to compete with the current biggest Champions League.

This is the reason that its prize money is even more than that of the Champions League. The league will begin in August. Each founding club associated with this will get around 3000 crores rupees, which is four times more than the Champions League winner in 2020. Here, the Eurapean Football Association (UEFA) and the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) have warned that participating clubs will be banned from playing in any other competition at the domestic, European or world level and their players Can also be denied the opportunity to represent their national teams.

These clubs say that the current European football economic model has been shaken by the Corona epidemic. Therefore, there is a need for such a strategic vision and business approach, which can strengthen the structure of European football and increase its value. The Champions League is prominent in this arrangement. Thousands of crores of rupees from TV and sponsorship goes to these richest clubs in the world and they get the same huge amount from the Champions League. In the new Super League model, the most attractive and successful teams of the Champions League will be out of his control. Hence, the richest clubs will also be eliminated. Under the announcement of the Super League, about 34,000 crore rupees will be distributed among the 12 clubs that set it up. Under the league, about 20 teams will play each season.

The buzz of the formation of the new Super League began last summer. Due to the epidemic, big clubs had begun to search for a new financial option to benefit from the uncertainties that arose in the football industry, so that income would remain. The intention was also that the teams who refuse to follow this new path, they will have an unexpected loss in their earnings and value. At the moment, no club in France or Germany has separated. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson called the decision extremely damaging to football and said they would not support his move.

Among the players associated with the new league, most of the contracted, 6 clubs are from England.
Most of the world’s most famous players are contracted with 12 clubs associated with the European Super League. These include stars such as Lionel Massey, Cristiano Ronaldo. It includes 6 clubs from England (Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur), 3 clubs from Spain (Atlético de Madrid, Barcelona FC, and Real Madrid) and 3 clubs from Italy (AC Milan, Inter Milan and Yuventus ) Will participate.

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