Bheemili police constable completes Ironman Triathlon

It was in December 2017, a police constable from Bheemili police station, P. Krishna, was eagerly waiting for his visa to go to Australia to take part in the ‘Ironman Triathlon.’ His joy knew no bounds, when he got an SMS on his mobile phone just one day prior to the event, that his visa was granted.

While other participants reached Busselton, the venue, three days ahead of the competition, Krishna had reached just 17 hours before the event. By the end of the competition, Mr. Krishna had become the first man from Andhra Pradesh to complete the ‘Ironman Triathlon’, which included about 4 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km running, in just 13 hours, 40 minutes.

Again, in 2018, Mr. Krishna took part in another Ironman Triathlon in Barcelona in Spain. This time, he had completed the triathlon in 11 hours, 25 minutes. This made him winner of the Ironman title twice.

In 2019, Krishna was the only one from the State police to represent the country in World Police Games, China. He along with his team had won Gold in the Olympic Triathlon.

Krishna (33) says his colleagues have started calling him as ‘Ironman’.

At 14, he was inspired to learn swimming, after seeing his brothers, who were both swimmers. He also used to practise cycling and running and represent various teams right from his school days. He had also represented the national games both individually and on behalf of the department.

He used to practise for nine hours a day during his free time. During his preparation for the World Police Games in China, he had managed to find time after duty hours for almost three to four months.

“I used to start from my home to Bheemili PS on cycle. After finishing my morning shift at 12 p.m., I used to borrow a bike from my colleagues and practise at gym from 12.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. I used to attend the second shift duty from 4 p.m. Late at night, I used to go for swimming,” he adds.

He gives full credit to the department, his friends and family members for their cooperation in achieving his goal.

Right now, Krishna is gearing up to prepare for the Ironman World Championship, USA, and World Police Games, Netherlands, tentatively scheduled in 2021.

The best of 40 in the Ironman Triathlon would be picked up for the World Championship. In order to be in the best of 40, the competition should be completed within 10 hours, he said. Mr. Krishna says that he needs six months of practice to attend the qualifying trial.

“If the department gives additional time, I can concentrate more on the forthcoming events,” he adds.

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