Bhool Bhulaiya 2: Karthik Aryan recovers from Corona, but Kovid positive five crew-members on the film’s set; Director said- Now we will start shooting from May or June

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  • Bhool Bhulaiya 2: Karthik Aryan Recovers From Corona, But Five Crew Members On The Film’s Set Are Covid Positive, Director Said Now We Will Start Shooting From May Or June

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20 minutes agoAuthor: Amit Karna

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The film ‘Bhul Bhulaiya 2’ is unable to liberate itself from the grip of Dile. The second schedule of the film started in Manali on 24 February and then in Mumbai that Karthik Aryan got corona. The shoot has been stuck since then. Before 24 February, the film Allredy could not be shot for 10 months. Now that Karthik has recovered from Corona, despite that, he and the rest of the cast cannot go to the shoot immediately. The reason is being told that there are many conditions and coronations of corona in Mumbai. Sources say that now the shooting will be able to resume from May or June.

Shooting of ‘Bhool Bhulaiya 2’ will be resumed from May or June.

Art director Rajat Poddar confirmed this, “As of now, we will not be able to shoot for the time being. We will now be able to resume shooting for the film from May or June. We have not been told the reason, but what will be set in Mumbai, etc. The work was done, it has been stopped. So far we have been able to shoot only 40 per cent. “

Kiara and Tabu’s corona report came negative

Dainik Bhaskar spoke to Anees Bazmee, director of the film, on Rajat’s apprehensions. Anees told, “We are not able to resume shooting right now. The situation is very bad and that is why there is a lot of restriction on the set as well. So the shooting is not seen to be resuming at the moment. But the five crew members are Corona positive. The main cast are Kiara Advani and Tabu Kovid Negative. I have also got Kovid Vaccine as a precaution. We are going to have a meeting with the producers of the film in three days. It is fixed in that When will the shooting of the film begin? “

The film will only have four to five songs

Anees further adds, “If the situation was normal, we would first go to Mumbai and then go to Lucknow to shoot the film. Right now we were shooting the first stage of Interval. We will keep four to five songs in the film. Two songs. The old one is taking it from ‘Bhool Bhulaiya’. The titular song will be a recreation of ‘Teri Aankhen Bhool Bhulaiyaa’ and another ‘Aami Je Tomara’. Who will compose it, that conversation is also going on. “

Audience will find Akshay in Karthik in the film: Anees Bazmee

Anees also does not justify the comparison of Akshay Kumar and Karthik. He says, “The comparison of Akshay to Karthik is meaningless. Akshay is very senior to him and he has done films of all time. Karthik has only been in the industry for a few years. Audiences are also in the first five to ten minutes of the film in Karthik. Will only find Akshay, but after that as soon as he gets to see the new story and setup in the film, then he will not comprise. “

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