Big accident averted due to closed shops. Big accident averted due to closed shops

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A massive fire broke out due to short circuit in the electric pole near Sandila Bus Adda Police Station in Hardoi. The WiFi box installed in the electric pole was burnt to ashes. At the time of the incident, there was no passer-by and police personnel, otherwise a big incident could have happened.

An electric pole is installed in front of the police station located on Unnao Road at the big intersection of Sandila Nagar. Due to short circuit from the same pole, a spark flew and fell on the electric wire and the fire broke out. Seeing the flames, there was commotion and chaos in the neighborhood along with the passers-by.

Got control after half an hour’s hard work
On this, the neighbors immediately informed the Electricity Department and asked them to cut off the power supply. Slowly the fire spread rapidly all over the pole. However, after half an hour’s hard work, the fire has been brought under control. The matter is being investigated by the Electricity Department and Police Administration who reached the spot. Jurisdictionary Ankit Kumar told that on the information of the fire, he immediately reached the spot and control over the fire has been achieved. The WiFi modem installed in the pillar was burnt, the police is probing the cause of the fire.

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