Big controversy in Pakistan Super League: Australian cricketer James Faulkner’s allegation – PCB is not paying money, in anger hit the chandelier in the hotel

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James Faulkner has decided to withdraw from PSL due to salary dispute. Later PCB also banned him.

The sixth season of Pakistan Super League has now reached the last round. This time the league was not closed due to fear of corona or terrorist attack, but the controversy related to Australian cricketer James Faulkner has made Pakistan and this league a big problem.

Faulkner accused the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) of not paying the salary. In anger, he also threw a bat and helmet on the chandelier installed in the hotel. Now PCB has banned Faulkner’s claim from playing PSL in future, calling him false.

Faulkner is out of the league
The 31-year-old Australian player made two consecutive tweets from his Twitter handle on Saturday and accused the PCB of not paying the money. After this he announced to leave the league midway.

PCB accuses Faulkner of blackmailing
The PCB issued a statement on this issue, accusing Faulkner of blackmailing, sabotage and spreading rumours. The PCB has said that 70 percent of Faulkner’s money has been given and the rest will be given soon. Along with this, the PCB has also talked about not including Faulkner in the PSL in future.

Faulkner said – wanted to help Pakistan
Faulkner wrote in a tweet, ‘Sad to leave the league because I wanted to help bring international cricket back to Pakistan. There is a huge number of young talent here and the fans here are also fantastic. But the way I have been treated is humiliating.

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