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Bihar Man, Who Stole Electricity To Run Motor, Fined Rs 1.2 Lakh – News18

Last Updated: September 20, 2023, 10:45 IST

The man was caught when officials came to the area for inspection.

The accused had cut the wire before the meter and made two separate connections. One of the connections was being used to run a powerful motor.

Electricity theft is a common practice in some parts of India. It is the practice of stealing electricity and is considered a criminal offence in the country. Despite all of this, people still engage a lot in stealing electricity. They do it by tapping the wires, damaging the meters, tampering the meters or making unauthorised use of the electricity. A similar case has been reported from the Jamui district of Bihar where a man was found tampering with the electricity and had been taking free electricity without paying the bills. Later, he was caught and a heavy fine was also imposed on him.

Electricity theft is one of the most common crimes in small cities in India. Prakash Saav was found stealing electricity using the bypass method. An FIR has been lodged against Prakash by the electricity department at the Khairi Police Station in Jamui. He was caught when the electricity department came to the area for inspection. They revealed that someone in the area was tampering with the electricity. So, the department decided to investigate it and took Prakash Saav with them. Upon investigation, he confessed that he had been stealing electricity and was using it illegally.

As per reports, he was using a method similar to bypass to steal the electricity from the meter. He had cut the wire before the meter and made two separate connections. One connection was being used to provide electricity to his entire house, while the other was being used to run a powerful motor.

After the whole matter came to light, the electricity department decided to take strict action against Prakash Saav. Deepak Kumar, who is the junior engineer at the electricity department, revealed that Prakash was caught stealing electricity from the meter to run a powerful motor, and the department has imposed a fine of Rs 1.22 lakh on him. Apart from that, the department seized the motor and disrupted all the private connections he had made from the meter. He also added that an FIR has been filed against Prakash.

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