Bihar polls underline need to focus on jobs, healthcare: Chidambaram

A day after exit polls predicted a win for the Rashtriya Janata Dal-led Mahagathbandhan in Bihar, former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram on Sunday said the people of Bihar will send a clear message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi that issues like jobs, inflation, healthcare are important electoral issues.

In a series of tweets, he also accused Mr. Modi of branding every opposition party and opposition leaders as โ€˜anti-nationalโ€™.

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โ€œI believe the people of Bihar will send a clear message that they are more concerned with jobs, food, healthcare, inflation, fair prices for farmers, infrastructure and industrial development. Will the PM hear their voices?โ€ asked Mr. Chidambaram.

โ€œMr. Modi believes that he can win every election on Hindutva, Ram Temple, Pulwama, repeal of Art. 370, CAA, and branding every opposition party and opposition leader as anti-national,โ€ he added.

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Comparing Indiaโ€™s political discourse with that of United States, he said every Indian Prime Minister should speak the way U.S. President Elect Joe Biden spoke in his victory acceptance speech.

โ€œThe Indian nation is as divided as the United States. President-elect Bidenโ€™s thanksgiving speech is the kind of speech that we want to hear from every Indian Prime Minister,โ€ Mr. Chidambaram said.


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