Bike rider fell in open manhole, sewer water entered the house in many areas | Bike rider fell in open manhole, sewer water entered the house in many areas

Agra:13 hours ago

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C in manhole in Kalindi Vihar

The reality of smart city came to the fore in 40 minutes of rain. The drains started overflowing. Sewer water was filled in many colonies. Bike rider fell in open manhole in Kalindi Vihar. People saved the bike rider, but his bike fell into the manhole.

Bike fell in main hole in Kalindi Vihar

It started raining on Thursday evening at four o’clock. In about 40 minutes of rain, many areas of the city turned into Talaiya. Water entered people’s homes in Kalindi Vihar, Tedhi Bagiya and Shahdara. An Apache bike rider fell into an open manhole as the road was flooded in Kalindi Vihar. The youth got trapped due to the bike handle getting stuck. Nearby people took out the young man. But, his bike fell inside. People had to work very hard to get the bike out. People first measured the depth of the manhole by putting batons, then took out the bike.

flooded water

Due to the rain, many places on the Agra-Delhi highway were flooded. Most of the areas of Kalindi Vihar were submerged. Similarly, a dozen areas including Langde ki Chowki, Belanganj, Jeevani Mandi, Islam Nagar, Tedhi Bagiya, Arjun Nagar were flooded. People had to pass through dirty water. It took two hours for the water to come out. After that the mud became slippery. Tedhi Bagiya’s councilor husband Yashpal Singh says that the municipal corporation did not get the drains cleaned in their area. During the rains, the area was filled with two feet of water. Even after complaining several times, the authorities did not take cognizance.

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