Biker With 40 Traffic Challans Caught By Bengaluru Police, Made To Clear All Dues

The post by Bengaluru police has amassed mixed reactions from social media users.

Bengaluru Traffic Police recently caught a biker who had over 40 traffic cases against him. The man who had not paid the pending fine was asked to clear all his dues which totalled up to Rs 12,000. A picture of the man holding a long copy of the challan, standing next to a police officer, was shared by the official social media handle of Thalghattapura Traffic Police Station. 

The traffic police wrote on X, formerly Twitter, “Total 40 pending cases clear Rs 12000.”

Since being shared online, the post by Bengaluru police has amassed mixed reactions from social media users. 

“With due respect … collection of fines is not really your job…unless you think it is. Should you not recommend to the RTO to cancel his driving licence with immediate effect? Perhaps he needs counselling. Otherwise you will post another photo with him next year too,” said a user.

“And yet there is no regret on his face. BTP should really up their game of putting hefty fines and as regularly as possible. People shud be scared to commit the mistake,” added a second user.

A third person added, “He looks proud of his list of ‘achievements’.”

Another person remarked, “After 10 violations, licence should be revoked.”

“Public humiliation is a good thing in some cases. Why wasn’t his DL revoked wayyyy before 49? Did he consent for this picture to be on Twitter? I assure you there are better ways to do this,” said a user.

This incident just adds to the list of unique encounters that people have had in Bengaluru. Earlier this month, a woman shared her “peak Bengaluru moment”. She narrated her encounter with an auto driver who gave her an ultimatum about waiting time.

The woman booked the ride through Uber but couldn’t reach the pick-up location on time. The auto driver reached out to her through the messaging service of the application. He messaged, “I’ve arrived.” A few minutes later, the driver added, “I’ve arrived.” When the customer failed to connect, the driver wrote, “Time is over.”

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