Bilaspur Dhan Mandi Robbery; Criminal Took Away With Paddy | 9 watchmen for protection in the mandi, shouted thieves and thieves and 45 sacks of piracy were stolen

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BilaspurA minute ago

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Thieves also ran away with 45 bags of paddy in the pick-up from Mandi in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, amid security.

  • 14 to 15 miscreants rushed in pick-up
  • The villagers shouted when the watchmen came to know, the stolen paddy cost 33 thousand rupees

The pickup rider rogue stole 45 bags of paddy from Mandi in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. During this time, 9 guards were deployed for security in the mandi, they did not even know about it. When the local villagers sounded like a thief, the watchman also ran after them, shouting the thief. However, the thieves had fled by then. On receiving the information, Mandi’s ward number 5 resident market manager Dharmendra Tiwari lodged an FIR in Bilha police station.

According to the information, the paddy purchased this year is collected in Pansari Paddy Mandi. For its Hamali and Chowkidari 9 laborers have been engaged day and night. It is being told that at around 3-4 am on Friday, some people arrived with pickup and started running away with paddy sacks kept inside by cutting iron jaggery in the market. During this, local villager Kapil Dhruv made noise when he saw it. At this the watchman also ran after them, shouting the thief.

Thieves chased, but do not even know the color of the pickup
By then the pickup riders escaped. Market manager Dharmendra Tiwari told the police that he was informed by the watchman Dilip Chaudhary at 6 in the morning. He said that on the spot I asked Kapil that he told that 14-15 people were in the pickup. However, he could not reveal the color and number of the pickup. Also told that the thieves had run towards Bhojpur after filling the paddy. Investigation revealed that the thieves had taken 18 quintals of gold paddy.


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