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NEW DELHI: A vaccine for Covid-19 is expected early next year and of the six leading ones which are undergoing trials probably three of them will work, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates has said asserting that India has a huge role to play in scaling up manufacturing for these.
โ€œIf they succeed in their phase three, which is still underway, we want to be able to ramp up that manufacturing capacity,โ€ Gates, who is the co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation told TOI in an interview over Skype.
Gates said India will play a major role in manufacturing these vaccines in high numbers as several vaccine companies in the country have the capacity to ramp up production.
โ€œAnd, of course, India has a huge role to play in that. Because the highest volume vaccine manufacturers in the world, who have done a fantastic job, and partnered with us on many of these life-saving vaccines โ€” including Serum, BioE, Bharat (Biotech) โ€” they have capacity. We have been in lots of conversations with the companies, with the vaccines that look like they will be low-cost and very scalable, including AstraZeneca, Novavax โ€” Sanofi โ€” and Johnson and Johnson,โ€ said Gates.
He said the progress on reducing poverty across the world would be set back by a few years due to the pandemic and if all countries cooperate and the world is lucky to have some good vaccines health systems could recover fast.
โ€œIf we do a brilliant job, we end the pandemic in 2022 โ€” if we are lucky to have a lot of good vaccines that are made in volume, I am sure the health system should be able to get back fairly quickly.
โ€œWeโ€™ll have to do catch up vaccination. But the economic damage โ€” particularly in countries that couldnโ€™t borrow huge additional sums, like some of the rich countries โ€” will have big setbacks. …Some of the extreme poverty type things could take us five to ten years to get back to where we were at the start of 2020,โ€ said Gates.


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