Bill tabled to regularise โ€˜Bโ€™ kharab land

The Karnataka Land Revenue (Amendment) Bill, 2020, for regularisation of unauthorised use of โ€˜Bโ€™ kharab land in Bengaluru and outskirts of the city, was tabled in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday.

Revenue Minister R. Ashok tabled the Bill in the House which aims to amend Section 68 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act of 1964. The amendment is to reduce the stipulated time from 90 days to one month for calling objections from the public before extinguishment of public right after making declaration on public road, street, passage or land classified as โ€˜Bโ€™ kharab land.

The Bill aims at disposal of pending applications for regularisation of unauthorised cultivation land โ€” 10,572 applications in form 50 and 1,40,781 applications in form 53. The Bill extends the time limit from April 27, 2020, to another two years.

Contingency fund

The Karnataka Contingency Fund (Amendment) Bill, 2020, was passed in the Lower House for increasing the amount to be paid out of the consolidated fund of the State to the Karnataka Contingency Fund.

The Bill aims at increasing the Contingency Fund from โ‚น80 crore to โ‚น500 crore. The amount was used during the pandemic for providing financial support for various sections of the unorganised sector.

Similarly, the Karnataka Appropriation Bill, 2020, was also adopted.


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