‘Bio-decomposer’ spraying to check stubble burning in Delhi, says Kejriwal

The solution, when sprayed in the fields, can decompose crop residue and turn it into manure, he said.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Tuesday that the Delhi government will start spraying “Pusa bio-decomposer” solution from October 11 to prevent stubble burning in non-basmati rice fields in the national capital.

Scientists at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute, PUSA, have found a low-cost, simple and effective way to deal with the problem of stubble burning, he said.

“They have developed ‘bio-decomposer’ capsules, which are used to prepare a liquid formulation. The solution, when sprayed in the fields, can decompose crop residue and turn it into manure,” Mr. Kejriwal said after inspecting his government’s centralized bio-decomposer system set up in Kharkhari Nahar village in southwest Delhi.

The solution increases soil fertility and reduces the use of fertilisers, he said.

This year, the Delhi government is going to use the solution on the land where non-basmati rice is grown.

“We have estimated that only ₹20 lakh is needed to manage stubble in 700 hectares of agricultural land in Delhi through this solution. It includes the cost of preparation, transportation and spraying,” he said.

Farmers have to just give their consent and the Delhi government will spray the solution in their fields free of cost, he said.

The first batch of solution will be ready in seven days and the spraying will begin on October 11, the Chief Minister said.

Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai said: “We want to create a model in Delhi so that no government can make an excuse (on the issue of stubble burning).”


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