Biotechnology means job opportunity abroad: India among the top 12 countries of the world; In 2500 startups running, the initial package itself is 3 to 8 lakh rupees

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  • India Among Top 12 Countries In The World; 2500 Startups Are Running, The Initial Package Itself Is 3 Lakh To 8 Lakh Rupees

Madhya Pradesh13 minutes ago

The biotech business will double to over US$150 billion in four years. In such a situation, there will be more than two times more job offers in companies. India is one of the top 12 countries in the world. There are more than 650 Indian companies doing business in America. In such a situation, biotechnology ie abroad is being seen as the best option. Let’s know from the expert Akash Intuit Bhopal’s Assistant Director Randhir Singh …

future of biotechnology

Biotechnology is not only going to change genes, it is also going to change the future. From this course, a career can be made in the field of food to medicine and research. For this, the student must have science subject in 10th and 12th. It is necessary to have at least 60% marks in all three subjects in 10th and 12th.

market demand

It is currently a business of 63 billion US dollars in the market. It will more than double i.e. 150 billion US dollars in the next four to four years. There are around 2700 biotech startups in India. Of these 2500 are running. The special thing is that 665 of these have plants in America. The injection of Kovid was prepared with this modern biotech technique. Due to this, now its demand has increased more.

It can be worked in many directions

Biotech is such a field, which offers many opportunities. It can be used in water treatment, bio fuel, food, agriculture, medicine, chemical and many other fields.

make a career like this

One such field in which career prospects are increasing. This is a new form of biology and technology. In this, new products have to be developed by using them on organic plants and animals. Its studies are related to B.Sc Biotechnology. It gives opportunity to go in many fields.

Starting package 3 lakh to 8 lakh

In this, the job offer has been made in the form of a package of 3 lakh to 8 lakh rupees at the very beginning of the career. The special thing is that there will be a lot of demand everywhere from private to government.

B.Tech Biotechnology

This is a technical study. By doing this, there is a chance to go into the engineering line. This is a 4-year course. This is followed by a master’s degree in engineering. By doing this one can become a master engineer. These are completed in 2 years. By doing this, you get chances of getting a job at a high post.

understand its future like this

It is known for doing some work in a different way. These engineers do new experiments to protect humans and eliminate their physical diseases. They keep making innovations related to agriculture, medicine, genetic engineering, animal husbandry, healthcare, environment conservation and research and development. Most of the jobs are in the fields of pharmaceutical company, food manufacturing industries, healthcare product manufacturing, agriculture development company, animal husbandry, research laboratories, medicine line and higher education.

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