Bird Flu Outbreak India Update | Chicken Prices Declines In Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand | The price of chicken fell from 30 to 50 rupees per kg across the country; Markets were closed in many cities of MP

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  • Bird Flu Outbreak India Update | Chicken Prices Declines In Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand

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Bhopal / Jaipur / Varanasi / Ranchi6 days ago

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Poultry shops in Indore, Khandwa, Ujjain of Madhya Pradesh have been closed due to bird flu. At the same time, poultry farms are being monitored in Khargone, Shivpuri, Betul, Guna, Ashoknagar, Datia and Dewas.

Bird flu has raised concern across the country. So far this has been confirmed in 6 states. In many cities, the price of chicken has fallen from 30 to 50 rupees per kg, so in many places the precautionary markets have been closed. After the case in Madhya Pradesh, chicken shops had to be closed in Indore, Ujjain. At the same time, the prices of chicken and eggs have also come down in many cities including Jaipur, Ajmer, Ranchi, Varanasi.

Reports on bird flu from 6 states

1. Rajasthan: Prices reduced in Jaipur, Ajmer
According to the poultry form of Jaipur, the price of eggs here has been reduced from Rs 6 to Rs 5.50 per piece. The price of chicken, which was earlier 95-100 rupees, has come down to 80-85 rupees. Feroz Rajawat, a businessman in the city, told that people are scared. They are inquiring and shopping whether there is any harm by eating it. Although there will be a drop of about 5% in demand, but if this remains the demand will be halved in a week. There may be a ban on sales.

In Ajmer, the price of an egg decreased by one and a quarter rupees, while the price of boiler was reduced by 20 per kg. Ajmer was earlier being sold for Rs 5.80 per egg and broiler from 110 to 120 rupees per kg, but now it is being sold for Rs 4.50 and 90 to 100 only.

2. Madhya Pradesh: Market closed in Indore, Alert in Ujjain
The death of birds continues in Madhya Pradesh due to bird flu. Instructions have been given to close chicken and egg shops in Indore, Khandwa, Ujjain. At the same time, poultry farms are being monitored in other districts including Khargone, Shivpuri, Betul, Guna, Ashoknagar, Datia and Dewas. Samples of birds are being taken. 200 birds and 300 eggs have been confiscated and buried in chickens in Musakhedi area of ​​Indore after getting symptoms of bird flu.

After the bird flu knock in Ujjain, more than 8 chicken-meat shops have been closed. There is an alert within a radius of about one kilometer. Chicken in Jabalpur is being sold for 75 to 90 rupees per kg. Before the risk of bird flu, prices of 160 to 180 rupees were being sold. Poultry form operators fear that rates may fall further in the coming times.

The movement of birds is being monitored at the borders of Gujarat and Maharashtra in Khargone. Chicken coming from Kerala and its border areas is banned. Samples of migratory birds coming to Indira Sagar Dam in Khandwa have been sent to Bhopal. After the bird flu virus was found in the chicken, the team has swung into action in Azad Nagar area. 200 birds and 300 eggs were seized from 17 shops and buried.

3. Chhattisgarh: Not a single case at present
Samples have been sent from Chhattisgarh to investigate the virus. At the moment, the report is awaited. Due to not getting a single case of bird flu, the demand and rate of chicken and egg remains the same as before. The bodies of four crows were found late Wednesday evening in Pondi village of Balod. One of them was burnt by the villagers. These crows were flying and fell in the pond. Veterinary department team has sent samples of crows to Bhopal for examination.

At the same time, samples were taken from the government poultry farm at Durg, Raigad, Jagdalpur, Baikunthpur-Korea, Koni in Bilaspur and Kunkuri in Surguja to check birdflu. The report of all samples in the investigation so far has been negative. So far no cases of bird flu have been reported in Chhattisgarh.

4. Jharkhand: Banning of chickens from other states
Cock in Ranchi is being sold for 130-140 rupees a kg. Egg is getting Rs 5.80 per piece. After the death of half a dozen crows in Jamshedpur, the banning of chickens from outside has been banned in the district. Animal Husbandry Department apart from Ranchi Banning of chickens has been banned from Bengal, Chhattisgarh and Odisha to prevent the risk of bird flu.
Meanwhile, Chil died in Hazaribagh on Thursday. Veterinarian Dr. Sanjay Kumar informed that a team of doctors is being formed and the cause of Chil’s death is being investigated.

5. Uttar Pradesh: Chicken prices fell by Rs 20 per kg
The virus has not been confirmed yet in Varanasi, but due to fear chicken prices fell from 120 to 100 rupees in three days. Poultry Farm Committee chairman Ajay Khare said that about 15,000 people are involved in this trade. So far more than one crore have been damaged due to virus.

Bird flu is expected to reach UP after Kerala, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana. The government has alerted the health department of the district. All the poultry farms, traders associated with the shop have been told to report cases of death of chickens, immediately inform the animal husbandry department.

6. HP: Virus found in exotic birds
Chicken and egg prices have come down in Himachal after the bird flu was confirmed. 17 species of exotic birds of Himachal Pradesh have been found infected. Most of these bars are Headed Goose. These birds come to Himachal in countries like Central Asia, Former Soviet Union, China, Mongolia, Siberia. More than 3 thousand birds have died on the Pong Dam lake in Kangra district. The government is on alert after confirming bird flu in migratory birds.

The Animal Husbandry Department has started monitoring by forming 18 rapid teams to find and bury dead birds. Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Dhiman, deputy director of the animal husbandry department, has said that samples of a total of 119 chickens have been sent to Jalandhar lab from the surrounding areas, whose report is awaited.


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