Birthday of ‘Aashiqui’ actor: ‘Aashiqui’ tickets sold in black, Rahul Roy had signed 47 films in 11 days but then disappeared

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Bollywood actor Rahul Roy has turned 53 years old. He was born on 9 February 1968 in Kolkata. He gained tremendous popularity from the 1990 film ‘Aashiqui’, but his career did not go well after that. He became a little limelight after becoming Bigg Boss winner in 2007 but then disappeared.

When 21 Producers Return Money

In an interview, Rahul had said about Aashiqui, ‘Aashiqui continued to run houseful for 6 months, but I could not see the benefit of it. I reached Mahesh Bhatt in distress. He said that people are watching you right now. They are trying to know how to present you. It happened exactly the same. After 6 months, I started getting offers of films continuously.

Signed 47 movies in just 11 days. Used to shoot three films in a day. Later, I felt that I had signed many films, but it was very difficult to do together. After that I returned the money of 21 producers. ‘

Tickets were sold in black

Rahul, who reached the ‘Kapil Sharma Show’ last year, recalled three decades old memories that he never thought he would ever work in Hindi cinema. Mahesh went to several film sets with Bhatt so that he could understand the nuances of filmmaking and acting by watching the actors. He used to see the work of brilliant artists like Anupam Kher, Meenakshi Seshadri.

Though the industry was speaking out against him, Mahesh Bhatt listened to his heart and cast him in the lead role for the film ‘Aashiqui’. What happened after that became history. Rahul even told that when the film was released, he came to know that people were so eager to see the film that they were buying tickets for up to 1500 rupees in black.

Rahul’s hairstyle was in trend

Rahul further said- ‘When I first met Bhatt Saheb, he found my hairstyle and dressing very strange. They were talking about signing me for this film since then, when every director of the industry warned them to take me in the lead role. People said that this experiment would prove unsuccessful. Many had said that I do not even look like a hero. I remember when my hair was scattered. This used to completely cover my facial expressions. But Bhatt was insistent on taking me to the film. Then after years, my hairstyle was in trend. ‘

Rahul Rai is the winner of Bigg Boss Season One

In 2007, Bigg Boss was the winner of Season 1. Rahul has also worked in the C-grade film ‘Her Story’. Rahul has previously worked in many Bollywood movies. These include films like Sapne Saajan Ke, Pahla Nasha, Misguided, Earthquake, Laughing-Khel, Naseeb, Sudden Phir Kabhi, Naughty Boy and Crime Partner. The 2015 film ‘2B or not to B’ was also seen. Prior to this, he appeared in the 2010 short film Ada a Way of Life.

Brain stroke came during shooting

Last year, Rahul Kargil’s minus 12 degree temperature was shooting for the film ‘LAC -Live The Battle’ based on Galvan Valley. During this time he had a brain stroke, after which he was airlifted from Srinagar to Mumbai 2 days before for treatment. Rahul is now taking a break from films and resting.


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