Birthday: Sai Pallavi looks very beautiful without makeup, has rejected 2 crore fairness cream ad

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Sai Pallavi, who is called the most beautiful actress, has turned 30 today. Sai is that actress of South Cinema, whose photo becomes viral as soon as it is posted on social media. She rules the hearts of fans with her simplicity.

Sai Pallavi Senthamaraya was born in a Badaga family in Kotagiri, Nilgiris district, Tamil Nadu. His father’s name is Senthamarai Kannan and mother’s name is Radha. Sai was brought up and educated in Coimbatore.

Debut in films with ‘Premam’

Do you know that if Sai had not become an actress, she would have been a cardiologist today. Actually Sai never wanted to become an actress but maybe something else was written in the fate. In the year 2014, when she was still studying, she got an offer for the role of ‘Malar’ in the film ‘Premam’.

Sai accepted the offer, then from here his acting career started. After this his Malayalam film ‘Kali’ also became a big hit, and Sai’s acting was also well-liked.

Has acted in 16 films

Till now Pallavi has acted in just 16 films and has achieved a huge position in such a short span of time. He has also received ‘Filmfare Award’ for the films Premam and Fida. Also, his name was included in the top 30 of Forbes India.

Sai is also known for her dancing skills

Apart from her superb acting, Sai Pallavi is also known for her dancing skills. The fans of her dancing skills know very well how well she dances. She got the motivation to dance from her mother, about which she often tells in her interviews.

When Sai first told her mother about her passion for dance, her mother encouraged her by playing songs by actresses Madhuri Dixit and Aishwarya Rai.

seen in movies without makeup

Sai Pallavi is seen in films without makeup. Because of this, he is also tremendously popular among the cine lovers. Sai Pallavi was seen in her first film ‘Premam’ without makeup.

Has rejected the fairness cream ad of two crores

Sai has turned down the advertisement of fairness cream worth two crores. Talking about her dislike of cosmetics, Pallavi had said that she never uses makeup to look beautiful and also does not want to be a part of promotion of anything that confuses people. According to Sai, what is natural is better.

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