BJP leader Anoop Chaudhary said – Sanatan Dharma is the religion of the nation. BJP leader Anup Chaudhary said; Sanatan Dharma is the religion of the nation

Ayodhya8 hours ago

Railway Consultative Committee Chairman addressing a press conference at Circuit House.

Anup Chaudhary, member of the advisory committee of the Railway Board and Fertilizer Logistics Department in the BJP government, reached Ayodhya on Saturday. Met journalists at Circuit House. Earlier, he also took stock of the ongoing railway development works in Ayodhya.

While talking to the journalists, Anoop Chowdhary said that the black spot on the forehead has been eradicated from the root. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done this work.

Leaders were afraid to come to Ayodhya

Anoop Chowdhary said that history will always bear witness that the work of removing Article 370 from Kashmir was done by the Prime Minister. Because earlier governments used to say that Article 370 should not be touched. Ayodhya is not to be discussed.

No opposition wanted to come to Ayodhya. Section 370 was removed under the leadership of the Prime Minister. Resolving the 500-year-old case in Ayodhya, construction of a grand temple is underway at the Ram temple.

Anoop Chowdhary said whether Sanatan Dharma is so flexible that you will go on insulting its idol. Enough is enough, it will not be tolerated anymore. With folded hands, there is an appeal to the leaders of the opposition party to stop insulting our idol now. Otherwise the result will not be good.

A simple mark on the statement of Swami Prasad Maurya

Targeting Swami Prasad Maurya, Anoop Chowdhary said that Ramcharitra cannot insult Manas. Hinduism and Sanatan Dharma are the same. Sanatan Dharma is the religion of the nation. The one who talks about everyone’s support and everyone’s development.

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