BJP leader Sandeep Thakur’s history sheet was ended by Anantdev’s infinite grace | IPS Anantdev finished the history sheet of Sandeep Thakur, regional vice president of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, is trapped in the investigation of the Bikru scandal.

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IPS Anant Dev and history sheeter Sandeep Thakur

The exploits of IPS Anant Dev, who are trapped in the investigation of Bikru case, are not taking the name of the end. After investigation, Dainik Bhaskar had disclosed the dismantling of the history sheet of Sandeep Thakur, regional vice president of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha. Now in further investigation it has come to the fore that the former DIG of Kanpur, Anant Dev, had destroyed the history sheet of Sandeep Thakur on the sway of power, bypassing the standards.

From the police station to the DIG, blindly in front of the pressure of power and bribe, they went on reporting one after the other. After the order of Anant Dev, the Barra police has burnt his criminal uncooked pot. Now he is not a criminal in the eyes of the police. Police will not monitor him every month. This has been confirmed in the preliminary investigation of Commissioner Aseem Arun.

Neither saw the age limit nor the number of cases…
There are three main rules to finish the history sheet of any criminal that his age should be more than 60 years. He should not have committed any crime in the last 10 to 15 years. He should not be involved in any kind of crime and activity. Even after this, the DIG issued an order to end Sandeep’s history sheet keeping all these parameters in mind. Now the former DIG is arguing that Sandeep files a return of Rs 45 lakh annually. The crime is gone. Whereas a year and a half ago, a serious case was registered against him, including murderous assault, and all other previous cases including murder, attempt to murder are on trial.

Sandeep’s criminal raw paper was burnt
Sandeep Thakur of Barra police station was a history sheeter. Barra police station in-charge Harmeet Singh said that Sandeep’s criminal history has been removed from the crime register, history sheet and register number eight of Barra police station and burnt. On the orders of the then DIG Anant Dev, the then station in-charge has destroyed the history sheet of Sandeep. Whereas at present there are seven serious cases registered against him. There is no record of other criminal cases registered in the city and non-district in the writing of the police.

No concrete action even after implementation of commissionerate
Even though the commissionerate has been implemented in Kanpur, there is no law in front of the BJP leaders. Even after the misdeeds of BJP leaders and former officers came to the fore, Kanpur Commissioner Aseem Arun has not yet taken any concrete step in the matter. Even though they are claiming to investigate, but till now no order has been issued to any officer in the matter. Nor has any high level inquiry been set up.

Anant Dev was suspended in the Bikru scandal for infinite mistakes
In the investigation of Bikru case, it was revealed that even after sending repeated letters to the CO, no action was taken against the SHO. Along with this, the connection of development’s cashier Jai Bajpai and Anant Dev was also revealed. The gross negligence of Anant Dev, former DIG of Kanpur, came to the fore in the Bikru case. Thereafter he was suspended. He has been under suspension since last year and after one exploit after the other, there is no hope of his reinstatement.

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