BJP MLA Alka Rai Writes To Priyanka Gandhi; Why Is Punjab Government Protecting Mukhtar Ansari | BJP MLA Alka Rai asked- Why is she saving a criminal like Mukhtar Ansari?

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BJP MLA Alka Rai.

  • MLA Alka Rai demands help to punish Mukhtar Ansari
  • Ansari accused of killing Alka’s husband Krishnananda

Alka Rai, BJP MLA from Mohammadabad seat of Ghazipur in Uttar Pradesh, has written a sentimental letter to Congress National General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. He has asked Priyanka Gandhi why the Punjab government is protecting Durdanta like Mukhtar Ansari? Mukhtar Ansari is being summoned in all the courts of Uttar Pradesh, but the Punjab government is not ready to send him. The MLA has demanded from Priyanka Gandhi Vadra that Mukhtar help in punishing Ansari.

Actually, former MLA Krishnanand Rai, husband of Alka Rai, was murdered. Mukhtar Ansari is accused of committing murder. However, Mukhtar Ansari has been acquitted from the court in this case.

Alka Rai paid tribute to her husband Krishnananda.

Alka Rai paid tribute to her husband Krishnananda.

Punjab government is openly patronizing, it is very shameful
MLA Alka Rai wrote in the letter that ‘My name is Alka Rai, I am a widow and for the last 14 years I have been fighting for justice against the brutal murder of my husband and popular MLA late Krishnanand Rai. Against the oppression that your party and the Punjab government are giving open protection today. Mukhtar Ansari is being summoned in all the courts of Uttar Pradesh, but the Punjab government is not ready to send him to Uttar Pradesh. Every time hundreds of people like me and me are being denied justice by showing some excuse.

It is extremely shameful that your political party and the government under his leadership are standing up so mercilessly with a sinister criminal like Mukhtar Ansari. No one will accept it. Everything is happening without the knowledge of you and Rahul ji. Mukhtar Ansari is a professional criminal. It has brutally murdered all the innocents, many mothers and sisters have taken the suhaag and all the children have taken the shadow of their father. Every victim is waiting for him when a hardened criminal like Mukhtar will get severe punishment for his actions.

Punjab’s medical board wrote a three-month bed rest
Alka Rai has also written in the letter that, ‘Every victim is looking forward to the moment when a murderer like Mukhtar will get a severe punishment from his act. In the hope of justice, we are passing sesame seeds every night. You are a woman yourself, in that case, I humbly ask you why you are doing this. Do you not see the pain of the unborn like us? My own story is proof of how Mukhtar has been safe for years by making fun of the law. It is also very regrettable that you and your party are standing openly with disgusting criminals like Mukhtar.

Through the media I came to know that Uttar Pradesh Police vehicles went to pick up Mukhtar Ansari, then the Punjab government gave a three-month bed rest to save him. Hundreds of people like me are desperate for this, who are still waiting for justice. Today, the people of entire Uttar Pradesh are intrigued that why Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi are silent on all the questions about Mukhtar. After all, why are you trying to save a notorious criminal under the compulsion of vote bank. I look forward to your reply. I am confident that if you have a little sympathy, you will not only answer my letter but will help in punishing Mukhtar.

MLA's letter.

MLA’s letter.


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