BJP MLA Blames Good Roads For Rise In Accidents. His Explanation

Road accidents are rising in my constituency, said the Madhya Pradesh MLA.


Good roads lead to high-speed traffic movement, posing the risk of losing control over the vehicles, said a BJP lawmaker in Madhya Pradesh while explaining the rising road accidents in the state. Some drivers are also at fault as many of them drink and drive, said Narayan Patel, who represents the Mandhana assembly constituency in Khandwa district.

“Road accidents are rising in my constituency. The roads are good and vehicles run at high speed, posing the risk of losing control. I have experienced this. Some drivers, not all, also drink and drive, leading to accidents,” Mr Patel told reporters.

His remark came after journalists asked him if he believes bad roads lead to lesser road accidents. The question assumed significance in the wake of rising accidents and complaints over bad roads in the state. Khandwa district alone witnessed over four major accidents so far this year.

However, Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, during his US visit in 2017, had claimed the roads in Madhya Pradesh were better than those in the US. He had even repeated his claim at a public meeting in 2018.

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