Black Fungus UP Cases Update; UP Government Alert, Cm Yogi Adityanath Sought Report From District DM | 62 patients were found in 4 cities; At high risk taking steroid medications; CM Yogi sought report from officers

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The Yogi government has also been alerted to a disease called black fungus amid the corona epidemic in Uttar Pradesh. Black fungus patients have been found in four cities of the state. According to officials, 50 patients have been found in Kanpur, 8 in Lucknow, two in Meerut and one each in Varanasi and Ghaziabad. Within the last one week, there have been cases of major black fungus across the country, after which the state governments have been alerted.

According to reports, 2000 patients in Maharashtra, 100 in Gujarat, 60 patients in Telangana have been found with black fungus. The impact of a new disease called ‘Black Fungus’ is being seen in UP. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has asked for a detailed report from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, UP. Discuss this with the committee of health experts constituted at the state level. Prevention precautions, line of treatment, detailed reports of preparedness should be given soon.

Fungus treatment is expensive, need to stay alert
There is a need to be more vigilant with black fungus. Black fungus is very expensive to treat. An injection of 5 thousand rupees lasts for three months. About 60 to 80 thousand rupees have been spent on treatment in one day. Black fungus rapidly spreads to the cells of the eye brain.

What is mucomycosis?
According to an advisory issued by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Mucoramycosis is a fungal infection that spreads very rapidly in the body. Mucoramycosis infection can also occur on the nose, eye, brain, lungs, or skin. In this disease, the eyesight of many people goes up, while the jaws and nose bones of some patients get melted.

Corona patients are more at risk
Mucoramycosis usually prey on those who have little immunity. The immune system of patients who have been cured during or after corona is very weak, so they are easily vulnerable to it. Especially patients with corona who have diabetes. Mucoramycosis in them can take dangerous forms when the sugar level increases. This infection goes inside the person through the nose through the breath, it catches the people who have low immunity.

Symptoms of fungus

  • Nose pain, bleeding or nasal congestion
  • Nose swelling
  • Teeth or jaw pain or fall
  • Blurred vision or pain, fever
  • Chest pain
  • fever
  • Headache
  • cough
  • breathing problem
  • Blood vomit
  • Sometimes it affects the brain

In which patients have been found more:
• Those who have a high sugar level always
• Patients who have taken more steroids during Kovid
• Patients in ICU for a long time
• Transplants or cancer patients

How to avoid
• Wear a mask when visiting an under construction area
• Go to the garden and wear full sleeve shirts, pants and globs.
Keep checking the blood glucose level and keep it under control

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