Blackmailer Archana Nag’s Missing Car Traced in Bhubaneswar; ED Probe Likely to Reveal Her High-profile Links

Interesting details have been unfolding in blackmailer Archana Nag’s case and her expensive car may reveal a high-profile Link.

After Archana’s arrest, the car, which had been missing for days, was traced in the Mancheswar area of Bhubaneswar but who took the car, where did the person keep it and why was it kept hidden, ED is investigating it.

It was said that Archana was paid Rs 33 lakh by an influential politician for the car. What is the truth behind this, and which leaders are associated with this, will soon be revealed by the ED.

The investigating officer is also examining a handwritten letter seized from the car. The locals suspect that someone left the car at this place two days ago. The handwritten English letter found in the car is a hot topic. ED brought the car to the office and started the investigation.

ED Additional Director Tapan Sahu said that “Durin the investigation We have seized the car from mancheswar area and took it to the office. Further investigation is going on”

On the other hand, ED has given notice to 15 people in connection with the Archana Nag case. During the investigation of Archana’s bank account, it revealed numbers of high-profile people linked with her. On the other hand, Archana’s main associate Khageswar’s remand period ended on Sunday. During interrogation, the investigating officer obtained a lot of information about Archana-Jagbandhu’s property and political links from Khageshwar.

Based on Khageswar’s information, ED is likely to interrogate Archana and Jagbandhu in jail. Former police DG said, if a proper investigation is done, the mystery of the Archana case will be revealed.

“Blackmailing is an offense. Similarly, the Rs.33Lakhs cash transaction for a vehicle is also suspicious. ED will investigate thoroughly in this case. If ED will provide sufficient proof and may apply for remand in Court” said Former DGP Bipin Bihari Mishra

The car is found, and now the connection of High Profile can be revealed. On the other hand, the information obtained by ED from Khageswar can also reveal many truths behind the honeytrap.

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