Blue-metal blues for motorists

Delay in bitumen-topping a key road in Pattabiram exposes them to a greater risk of accidents and pollution

Though weeks have elapsed since blue metal was laid on Link Road in Pattabiram, there is no sign of it being black-topped. Strewn with blue metal, the busy road is dusty and its uneven surface is posing a challenge to motorists.

Every day, motorists from Muthaputhupet, Mittanamalli, Pattabiram, Bharathiyar Nagar, Uzhaipalar Nagar and Sabir Nagar use Link Road to reach various parts of the Chennai.

โ€œDue to the blue metal, skidding accidents involving motorcyclists are frequent, especially at night as insufficient illumination adds to the risk. Now, with the monsoon having set in, frequent downpours have increased the risk,โ€ says B. Praveen, a motorist from Pattabiram.

Loads of unused blue metal have also been dumped along the stretch putting motorcyclists at risk for accidents at night.

A kilometre long and covering many residential areas, Link Road is a lifeline for residents as they use it to reach Chennal Tiruvallur High Road for many essential services including hospitals, schools, colleges, banks and petrol pumps. It is also a key route for MTC buses, especially small buses.

According to Corporation officials, key roads around defence establishments in the neighbourhood belong to the Ministry of Defence for which the Garrison Engineer is the nodal authority. Procedural delay between the two government agencies is a major reason for the delay in the road being relaid. Difficulty sourcing bitumen is another reason.

โ€œSteps will be taken to relay the stretch soon,โ€ says a Corporation official.


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