Board has issued sample question papers with 70 per cent syllabus, this year 10th-12th will be asked competency based questions

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  • The CBSE Board Has Released Sample Question Papers With 70 Per Cent Syllabus, Competency Based Questions Will Be Asked In 10th 12th This Year.

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Schools are closed and studies are being conducted online as part of the rescue from Corona. In such a situation, CBSE has released sample papers along with the remaining syllabus for the 10th-12th board examinations with the aim of helping the students. Students can download sample papers of all the subjects of 10th-12th through

Click here for 10th sample paper

Click here for 12th sample paper

Competency based questions will be asked for the first time in 12th

From the sample paper released by the board, it is clear that for the first time in the 12th year, students will be asked competency based questions. The number of these questions will be 10 percent of the total. This time in 10th also, the number of competency based questions has increased. About 20% of the questions will be competency based. According to the information received from CBSE, this change has been made only for this year’s board examinations.

Many changes in question paper of 10th annual exam 2021

According to officials, CBSE has made several changes in the question paper pattern of 10th Annual Exam 2021. Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) have been removed from maths. Students will now have to answer a mark’s question in very few words. At the same time, the question marks of two marks have been removed in science. Now only questions of one, three and five marks will be asked.

Changes in question paper of 12th also

In social science too, only very shot questions will remain in place of alternative questions. Earlier, the board has also changed the question paper pattern of class 12. This change has been made due to the lack of proper preparation of the students in the lockdown. Now the number of very shot questions has also been reduced from 20 to 16. Six questions have been increased in Science, then four questions will be asked less in Maths.

Math pattern in 10th and 12th for the first time

For the first time, the board has made 10th question paper on 12th question paper pattern. This will help students studying Maths in plus two. St. Michael’s High School Maths teacher Sanjay Kumar said that for the first time, the pattern of question paper of 10th will be similar to 12th. The pattern of basic and standard math will remain the same. The board has made it clear that all the questions will be easy so that students will have easy to solve and understand them.


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