Bobby Deol embroiled in controversies regarding the scene of 'Animal': Questions are being raised on doing marital rape scene with an actress 29 years younger to him.

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Till now there was controversy regarding some scenes of Ranbir Kapoor in the film 'Animal'. Now people are raising questions about a scene of Bobby Deol. Actually, a marital rape scene is shown in the film between Bobby Deol and actress Mansi Takshak, playing his wife. Because Mansi is 29 years younger than Bobby, people say that Bobby did not find it strange to do such a scene with a girl so younger than him.. To this Bobby replied that he did not feel any kind of fear while shooting this scene. There was no hesitation.

I did what I had to do for that character – Bobby

Bobby Deol said that the character was that of a cruel husband who misbehaves with his wife. I have only played that character in the right way. Taking his point further, he said that I did not face any problem in doing this scene.

What is the marital scene shown in Animal?

In the film, the wedding scene of Bobby Deol (Abrar Haq) and Mansi is going on. At the same time Abrar comes to know about his brother's death. He goes mad with anger. Hearing this, the first thing he does is brutally kill his manager. After that he attacks the bride Mansi. Not only this, after this he also calls both his wives and when they do not listen to him, he raises his hand on them.

Mansi Takshak is becoming famous on social media

Mansi Rakshak is also in the news after working in this film. His character is shown for a very short period of time in the film. Mansi is not shown in the film after the wedding scene. When he did this film, his followers were only 8 to 9 thousand. His followers have increased significantly since the release of the film.

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