Boli – Bulldozer will run on illegal encroachment, the beneficiaries will be given benefits of government schemes. Said- Bulldozer will run on illegal encroachment, the beneficiaries will be given benefits of government schemes

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Chandauli’s new DM Isha Duhan took charge on Monday. He shared his priorities along with taking charge and indicated strict action against encroachment. He said that there is a need to work in the field of tourism development. Giving a message to the people of the district, he assured that they will no longer have to make rounds of government offices. Rather, the administration itself will reach the door of the people.

He said that wherever the bulldozer would run against the encroachment. Chandauli is considered a remote district. The district has been declared very backward by NITI Aayog. The priority will be to meet the commission’s indicators. in order to improve the delta ranking. Efforts will be made to extend the benefits of government schemes to the last eligible person of the society.

Efforts will be made to promote tourism
There are many projects going on in the district. Every effort will be made to complete them in a timely and quality manner. The district has not yet come on the tourist map from the point of view of tourism. Despite being near Banaras, it does not attract tourists. The focus will be on tourism development. He said that campaigns have been going on in the past to take the benefits of the schemes to the people of remote and border areas of the district. They will be continued. Efforts will be made that the public does not need to come, but the administration should reach them and get the benefits of government schemes.

There will be monitoring of the operation of the program of women’s welfare.
He said that attention will be given to the welfare of women. Whatever schemes are run by the government. Their benefit will be given to half the population. Special focus will be on health, education, nutrition. Said, work will be done in the direction of getting the farmers’ products market. For this, the option of online sale will also be considered. An action plan will also be prepared for setting up a separate market for this.

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