Bollywood celebs on the ‘Pavari’ trend: Shahid Kapoor gave a new twist to ‘Pavari Ho Ho Hai’, Deepika Padukone also joined the trend

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25 minutes ago

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For the past few days, a video called ‘Pavari Ho Ho Hai’ has become quite viral on social media. This video of Pakistani girl Dananir Mobin has become so popular that now Bollywood celebs are also sharing videos on their own and sharing them on social media. Recently, Shahid Kapoor has also shared a funny video in his own style on the ‘Pavari Ho Ho Hai’ trend. In this trend, Shahid has also given a new twist by adding a song from Akshay Kumar’s film. Apart from Shahid, Deepika Padukone has also joined the trend of ‘Pavari ho ho ho’.

Shahid’s ‘Party All Night’
In the video, Shahid is seen on the shooting set of his upcoming web series. The director of the series says in this video – This is my stars, this is us and the power is being made here. After this, the song ‘Party All Night’ of Shahid Akshay Kumar’s film ‘Boss’ starts. Sharing this video, Shahid Kapoor wrote in the caption, “Fakers, fecking, feku. Fine words can never be said.” Shahid looks quite funny in the video. He is also accompanied by some crew members, who are seen having fun in the video. Fans are very fond of this video of Shahid.

Deepika Padukone is also involved in the ‘Pavari ho ho’ trend
Apart from Shahid, Deepika Padukone has also joined the trend of ‘Pavari ho ho ho’. He has also shared a post on ‘Pavari Ho Ho Hai’. In which photos of his childhood are seen. However, Deepika has picked up this post from social media and while sharing it, she has asked who made it? In these photos, Deepika is seen sitting on a horse. It is written on these photos – this is us, this is our horse and this is our power.

Randeep Hooda also made a video in his own style
Before Shahid, Randeep Hooda also made a video of himself in the style of Dananir during the shooting of the film. Randeep also shared this video on his social media account. In which he takes a mobile in his hand and makes a video saying, “This is us, these are our people and this party is happening on the shoot.” Randeep has shown the shooting location in this video, in which school children are also seen. In this video caption, Randeep wrote, “Kid on shoot #Pawri Ho Rahi Hai.”

What Dananir Mobin said on his viral video
The Internet is a place where it can not be guessed about who, when to become famous. Dananir Mobin has become so popular with his video ‘Pavari Ho Hai’ that everyone is talking about his video. After this video went viral overnight, Dananir’s social media has also created many fanpages in a very short time. Dananir’s style of calling ‘party’ as ‘Pavari’ has made him an internet sensation. During a conversation with the BBC about the viral video, Dananir had said that he had not done any special planning for it. She went to visit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Nathia Gali with friends. During this time, he removed the phone and shot this video and shared it on social media.


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