Boris’s EU-turn: Britain pulls back from the brink of a no-deal Brexit in the nick of time

At the very last moment, on Christmas Eve, British PM Boris Johnson, who’d earlier said that the UK would ‘divorce’ the European Union (EU) after a 47-year marriage, deal or no deal, announced a last-minute kiss-and-make-up agreement which gave both parties an extension to reach a settlement beyond the December 31 deadline.  Second Opinion did a phone interview with the UK PM.

Second Opinion: PM Johnson, how come you waited till the very last to conclude a post-Brexit deal with the EU, causing much halla-gulla not only in the UK and Europe, but all over the world?

BJ: The reason I waited to so long was because I was playing a game of blinkmanship.

SO: You mean brinkmanship?

BJ: No, I mean blinkmanship. To see if you can make the other chap blink before you do. We played a game of blinkmanship in India too, where we came in as tourists, sort of, and stayed on for 250 years. Till your Mahatma made us blink with his Quit India movement.

SO: Yes, you guys were made to do an Indexit, an India exit, much before Brexit.

BJ: Right. But, like Brexit which isn’t a full exit from the EU, Indexit wasn’t a full exit from India which remains part of Britain’s Commonwealth, with me being invited by PM Modi to be chief guest at your Republic Day parade.

SO: What exactly is this Commonwealth you talk about?

BJ: Simple, old chap.  Commonwealth means that your wealth is common to us.  Like the Kohinoor which we’ve hung on to, not to mention the 250 years of the Raj when we transferred all of your national economy to our national economy, making you a poor lot and us a rich lot.

SO: Does that mean every time you do an Indexit, or a Brexit, you somehow end up having your cake and eating the other’s cake too?

BJ: You bet it does. And with Brexit this time I personally will get a double helping of cake because thanks to my Brexit deal there’ll be no Borexit as feared, at least for now.

SO: Borexit? What’s that?

BJ: That’s Boris exit as PM….



This article is intended to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to events and characters in real life is coincidental.



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