Both left the house, BJP expelled from the party. Both left the house, BJP expelled from the party

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In Hardoi, a BJP leader has been accused of having seduced the daughter of a Samajwadi Party leader. In the case, on the complaint of the aggrieved party, the police have registered a case and started investigation.

According to the information, the marriage of the SP leader’s 25-year-old daughter has been fixed. Due to this, both of them fled away from home. Ashish Shukla, the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, is a resident of the locality of Kotwali city. He has a son of about 21 years and a daughter of seven years.

case a week ago

Other relatives of the BJP leader are present at the house. The incident of leaving the BJP leader’s house is being told a week ago. However, if BJP leaders are to be believed, Ashish Shukla has been removed from the party on January 12.

SP targeted

Samajwadi Party leader Vimal Prakash Mishra’s Facebook account has started raising questions on social media with the slogan that daughters are not safe in the BJP rule. After catching the fire of the whole case, the police are talking about registering a case and recovering the girl and taking action according to the given Tahrir.

Additional Superintendent of Police Anil Kumar Yadav told that action is being taken in this whole matter. The outgoing district president of SP, Jitendra Verma has accused the daughters of not being safe in the BJP government. He said that SP will take to the streets to get justice for the party worker.

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