Boyfriend threatened, girlfriend arrived at the police station: Girl refused to stay in hotel one night, boyfriend threatened to make video viral, accused arrested

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  • Girlfriend Not Ready To Stay In Hotel, Then Boyfriend Threatens To Make Video Viral, Accused Arrested

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Gwalior6 minutes ago

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File photo- Police Station Thatipur

  • FIR filed for bullying and making videos viral in Thatipur
  • Accused arrested and seized mobile

When a young woman refused to stay in the hotel, the boyfriend threatened to make her nude video viral. The incident is from Thatipur from 27 January to 5 February. The girl complained to the Thatipur police station on Saturday. On which the police have registered a case against the boyfriend for making physical relations and making the video viral.

A 23-year-old girl resident of Suresh Nagar in the city complained to the Thatipur police station. It has been told in the complaint that five years ago he befriended Akash son Niranjan Jatav resident Roshni Ghar Khatik Mohalla. After some time they had a love affair. Several times in five years Akash has made physical relations with her. He used to say that he will marry her. Every time he used to make photo-videos too. On the evening of 27 January, Akash reached near his house. He asks the young woman to stay with him for an entire night at the hotel. The woman refused. Hearing this, Akash was shocked. He threatened the woman that if she did not agree, he would make all her videos viral on social media. Will also discredit him. This scared the young woman. At the same time, when the woman’s mother came out, the accused ran away. Since then, the girl was very scared. The young man continued to threaten on the phone, he refused to marry. The girl dared to tell this thing to her mother on Friday night. On saturday

She reached the Thatipur police station with her mother and told the whole thing. On this, the police immediately registered a case against Akash for making threats and making videos viral. Accused has been arrested. Along with this, his mobile has also been seized. Police is investigating mobile with IT expert.


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