Brainstorming on projects costing more than 50 lakhs, focus on getting the work done on time. Brainstorming on projects costing more than 50 lakhs, focus on timely completion of work

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Commissioner Manish Chauhan reviewed more than 50 lakh works in Azamgarh.

Azamgarh Commissioner Manish Chauhan reviewed under-construction projects costing more than 50 lakhs in Azamgarh division. Instructed all the working organizations that the weather is right for the construction works at present. Therefore, keeping in mind the quality, get the work done soon.

Commissioner Manish Chauhan said that the projects for which funds have been made available. The works should be expedited by generating milestones in it. The work which is to be completed by March. Get them done soon. Excluding road construction, there are a total of 352 projects costing Rs 50 lakh and above in the division. There are 131 projects in Azamgarh, 62 in Mau and 159 in Ballia. In these projects, 46 works have been completed in Azamgarh, 17 in Mau and 38 in Ballia.

Another in Azamgarh and 23 works in Ballia have not started yet. Similarly, 42 roads costing Rs 50 lakh and above are to be constructed in Azamgarh, 22 in Mau and 26 in Ballia, in which 11 works have been completed in Azamgarh, 6 in Mau, 5 in Ballia.

contractors to be blacklisted
The State Construction Corporation informed that the contractor is creating problems in the CHC under construction at Devgaon in Azamgarh district, due to which the completion of the work may get delayed. On this, the commissioner gave instructions for blacklisting the contractor as well as other necessary action. Similarly, as per the instructions given earlier by the Commissioner regarding the investigation of the non-residential building of Tehsil Martinganj, the LACFED, Gorakhpur Unit, the executive body related to the said construction work, is not providing the required records, due to which the investigation proceedings are obstructed.

The commissioner should inform the executive body to make the records available within two days, if the records are not made available, then a one-sided investigation should be done and a recommendation for the suspension of the concerned officer should be sent to the Managing Director, pointing out the shortcomings. During the review of the construction works costing more than 50 crores, the Commissioner directed the Chief Engineer, Public Works Department to conduct an immediate on-site inspection of the construction works of Maharaja Suheldev State University, Atal Residential School and Jan Nayak Chandrashekhar University and submit a progress report with photographs. please present.

review of revenue collection
Commissioner Manish Chauhan concluded the review meeting of non-tax collection and other revenue works. During the review of item-wise revenue collection in the districts of the division, the progress of Azamgarh district in commercial tax, vehicle tax, electricity dues, bank dues, stamp dues and other miscellaneous dues was found less. He directed the officers of Transport, Electricity, Excise etc. departments to tally the RCs pending for five years and more than three years related to their respective departments and take back the RCs which are no longer recovered so that the remaining RCs are cleared. Expected progress can be made in recovery.

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