Breathing of 11 children stalled due to non-availability of oxygen cylinders; CMO said – there is lack of oxygen in the whole UP | Breathing of 11 children stalled due to non-availability of oxygen cylinders; CMO said – there is lack of oxygen in the whole UP

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  • Breathing Of 11 Children Stalled Due To Non Availability Of Oxygen Cylinders; CMO Said There Is Lack Of Oxygen In The Whole UP

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BahraichA minute ago

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11 in a private hospital in Bahraich

  • The doctor kept pleading with the CMO to get oxygen

Not only Uttar Pradesh, corona infection is continuously increasing in the whole country. Meanwhile, due to lack of oxygen, the lives of children admitted in private hospitals are at stake due to lack of oxygen. Even after the doctors have been pleading, oxygen is not being provided by the CMO. Alam is that if oxygen is not available in time, the lives of 11 children will not be empty of danger. At the same time, the CMO has given an absurd statement that there is a lack of oxygen in the whole of Uttar Pradesh.

A private hospital located near the Medical College is being operated by Dr. Gyas Ahmed. They have 11 children on the vetilator. Dr. alleges that children need oxygen cylinders. The information of which was given to CMO Bahraich on Wednesday evening itself. Cylinder was not provided even after providing information. Cylinder office was not allowed to be given cylinder even after the round of the CMO office from Thursday morning.

The doctor alleges that if oxygen cylinders are not found in time, the lives of children are in danger and it is very difficult to save them. Doctor told that from 11 am I am circling to CMO to get oxygen cylinder, but he is not giving permission. Children can be killed in such a situation.

Accusations of keeping 70 cylinders too
Doctor Dr. Gyas Ahmed alleged that he had 70 cylinders of his own. They were sent for refilling, but now they are also not being given by refilling. The doctor says that the district administration should take 20 cylinders from me, but give 50 cylinders. So that the lives of children can be saved.

Dr. Rajesh Mohan Srivastava, CMO, said that Dr. Gyas Ahmed is only a doctor of children. Oxygen will be given to children. A committee of two doctors has been formed for this. According to their investigation, oxygen will be provided. There is a shortage of oxygen all over Uttar Pradesh.

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