Bridge collapses

A bridge connecting Mudalagi and Koujalagi villages collapsed in Belagavi on Monday.

Officers said that the bridge built by the Public Works Department in 1985 suffered damage in the monsoon floods of 2019 and 2020. It is built over a stream that swells when it rains.

Meanwhile, the police stopped all vehicles in Melavanki village and diverted them on a different route.

Residents of Melavanki, Hadaginal, Kalarkoppa and surrounding villages suffered as they had to take a longer route than usual, the officers said.

MLA Balachandra Jarkiholi said that he had instructed officers to build a bypass road to temporarily serve as a link between the affected villages.

โ€œI will release โ‚น 70 lakh for the purpose from my Local Area Development funds immediately,โ€ he told The Hindu.

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