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Brij Bhushan said – Bajrang-Vinesh’s game is over: WFI President said – did not cast an evil eye on anyone in 12 years, Hooda misled Priyanka Gandhi

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Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) President Brij Bhushan Singh has released a video amidst the mahapanchayat of khaps in support of wrestlers at Jantar Mantar in Delhi. In this video, Brij Bhushan Singh is telling the Khap leaders that children make mistakes, you don’t. Bajrang Punia and Vinesh Phogat’s game is over. The day the Delhi Police investigation is completed and I am found guilty, I will personally come among all of you. You all kill me by hitting me with your shoes.

Read the whole thing said in the video: –
This video of 36 minutes 9 seconds has been shot by Brij Bhushan Singh in his car. In a video uploaded on his Facebook page, Brij Bhushan said that I am a Member of Parliament and people also know me as a wrestling president. I am going home from Delhi to Lucknow right now. I do Ram-Ram to the elders of the Khap Panchayats of Haryana, especially the Jat community and the Jat community of Western UP. Especially those whose children do wrestling. Although I had no intention of making a video, but then felt that my point should also reach you.

He said, I am not making videos after a lot of preparation. Now sitting in the car, I thought that I should convey my words to the elders. There is a poem, talk in such a way that it has a base… which has a principle. Grandparents, uncles, my own children are accusing me. They are not even able to tell what day it is, what date it was, what time it was. What can I say… what kind of story did you make up? Why was it made? You will know later.

Brij Bhushan Singh said, this fight is with these past wrestlers. I am fighting this battle for your junior children. He has received Dronacharya, Padma Shri, Arjuna Award, all. But those who are walking with the dream of going to the Olympics after coming out of a poor family. Those families who are making arrangements for almond-ghee by cutting their needs and taking loans to make the future of their children, I want to tell them that this fight is for your children.

Request to the khaps, ask any wrestling player in your village about me
Brij Bhushan said in the video that we do not say that you should not come to Delhi. Do whatever comes to your heart. Don’t even listen to us, but if any of your daughters do wrestling, then call her alone for 1 minute and ask her. If a child does wrestling, call him alone for a minute and ask him. If the allegations being leveled against Brij Bhushan are true, then do whatever you want. It is not my ego speaking. Who is in front of me? I don’t know, but I know myself.

The WFI president said that in his 12-year tenure, he had never cast an evil eye on any child. Didn’t see it in the wrong way. Despite this, I have been hearing abuses for 4 months.

I respect Priyanka Gandhi, touch Hooda’s feet
Brij Bhushan said, I had said on the first day that if even a single crime of mine is proved then I will be hanged. The matter is under consideration with the Delhi Police, so cannot speak openly. I am 65 years old. I have seen all the ups and downs in life. I respect Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi, but she was misled by the Hooda family. When she comes to know the truth, she will be angry not on herself, but on Bhupendra and Dipendra Hooda.

BJP MP said that if I meet former Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda anytime, anywhere, I touch his feet. Defeated Deepender Hooda in the election of WFI President, but never lost his respect. This allegation has not been leveled against me, it has been leveled against the wrestling goddess of India. Not on me, every female player has been accused. Rakesh Tikait is Ravan sahab of UP.

Rs 25-30 crores spent on wrestling out of pocket
Brij Bhushan said that there is no player who has not taken dollars from me. Because I had announced that if any child brings a gold medal, I will give him $200. I will give 150 dollars to the silver medalist and 100 dollars to the bronze medalist. I have spent 25-30 crores from my pocket on wrestling.

He said that whenever a mother came to the arena with her son-grandson in a wrestling competition, I used to tell all the children that if you want to move forward in wrestling, then touch the feet of this elderly mother who came from Haryana, after that No one will be able to stop you from moving forward. I used to make that old mother sit with me.

Controversy over changing wrestling rules
Brijbhushan claimed that he changed some rules related to wrestling which started the whole controversy. He said, I decided that the children who are in the lower ranks should also be raised. They should also get a chance. I started the trial system so that I could do maximum for the children of poor families. But, these players who have touched the height directly want a ticket abroad.

If special facilities were not given then no medal would have come
The WFI President said that if I had not given special facilities to the players who made the allegations, they would not have got the medals. Had Bajrang Punia-Vinesh Phogat conducted a full trial and released their videos, everyone would have come to know. Sakshi also forgot. A coach gave one point to Sakshi when she was supposed to get 4 points. I told the coach to give him 4 points. If these three were not given special facilities, they would not have been here today.

I am not a Chowdhary, have won elections 6 to 7 times: Brij Bhushan
Brijbhushan said that I was born in a normal family. I am not a very big chaudhary. I am not a big farmer. I have won elections 6 to 7 times. It is said that it is easy to reach the height, but it is very difficult to stay there. People are not fools. If the public is making someone the apple of their eye, then there must be some truth in it.

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