Uttar Pradesh

Brother-in-law killed sister-in-law with an axe. , Brother-in-law killed sister-in-law with an axe: Countless attacks from head to chest, death occurred on the spot

Etawaha few moments ago

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  • Brother-in-law murdered sister-in-law in Usrahar police station area of ​​Etawah.

In Etawah, a brother-in-law brutally murdered his sister-in-law by cutting her with an axe. He committed this murder when the sister-in-law was teaching her children on the second floor of the house. The brother-in-law, who arrived with an axe, attacked the sister-in-law several times one after the other and killed her. Sister-in-law died on the spot after being attacked from head to chest.

The whole matter is of Kuita Gram Panchayat of Usrahar police station area.

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