Brother-in-law was killed in revenge for insulting brother-in-law: There was a dispute over a stray push in the field, the young man was killed in the firing of the accused | There was a dispute over the stray animal going into the field, the young man was killed in the firing of the accused

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  • Brother in law Was Killed In Revenge For Insulting Brother in law: There Was A Dispute Over A Stray Push In The Field, The Young Man Was Killed In The Firing Of The Accused

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Police arrested two accused and sent them to jail.

Brother-in-law died in Shahjahanpur to avenge the insult of brother-in-law. Actually, on Wednesday morning, the young man was shot in the firing of the bullies. Due to which he lost his life on the spot. Police arrested two accused and sent them to jail. At the same time, the search has started for the other two accused.

In fact, on Wednesday, Amit, a resident of Nagaria village of Jaitipur area, got into a dispute with neighbors Ramveer and Satyaveer over the departure of stray animals in the field. There was also a fight between both the sides. Nearby people intervened and resolved the matter. But Ramveer and Satyaveer felt that they were insulted. After about a quarter of an hour, both of them along with the other two companions reached Amir’s house with arms and started firing. Amit’s brother-in-law Kaushal Singh Chauhan came out after hearing the sound of firing, when he got shot and died.

Police is searching for the other two accused

The police have arrested the accused Ramveer and Satyaveer after registering a report against the four accused. Two pistols used in the incident have also been recovered. The police has started arresting two other absconding accused. SP S. Anand said that two accused involved in the incident have been arrested. Firearms have also been recovered from their spot. Efforts are on to arrest the other accused.

married 24 days ago

Let us inform that Kaushal Singh Chauhan, resident of Shivnagar village, Pilibhit district, was married about 24 days ago with Priyanka, daughter of Damodar, resident of Nagaria village of police station Jaitipur. Kaushal had gone to his in-laws’ house on Sunday for the first farewell after marriage.

By the way, on Wednesday, Kaushal had asked his wife to leave and go home. But then the in-laws had said that on Wednesday the sister does not leave her brother’s house. Therefore, the in-laws had persuaded son-in-law Kaushal to send him off on Thursday, the next day after Wednesday. But he was shot dead on Wednesday morning itself.

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