BTech Option: It is important to prepare yourself for the changing job market, these BTech courses related to advanced engineering will keep you updated

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  • Career In Btech | It Is Necessary To Prepare Yourself For The Changing Job Market, These B.Tech Courses Related To Advanced Engineering Will Keep You Updated

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10 minutes ago

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There is no doubt that branches like mechanical, electrical, chemical and civil engineering have always been the main branches of this field and will remain so in future. But in the current era, many such new technologies have emerged in the industry which have become necessary for engineers to learn. Among them, Internet of things, machine learning, robotics have become the subjects of the future. In such a situation, there are some advanced engineering BTech programs to choose from which one can be selected to remain relevant in the industry.

Manufacturing & Industrial IoT

New trends like rapid prototyping, concurrent engineering, 3D printing, sensors, robotic design and control are emerging in smart manufacturing. Apart from this, concepts like Smart Homes and Common Ecosystems are also coming. Students are benefiting greatly from this.

Embedded Systems and Wearable Technology: In addition to commercial use, wearable technology is also being used in navigation systems, advanced textiles and health care.

Career Options: Manufacturing, Process Plan Eng., Robotic Systems Design, Industrial Automation, Automotive Embedded Engineering, Electronic Component Manufacturing.

Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

Matter for industrial purpose is used in this field on atomic, molecular and supramolecular scales. Here students are given information about material science, material processing, memory alloys, self-healing polymers etc.

Career Options: Research Science, Manufacturing Engineering, Material Engineering, Material Design Engineering, Process Engineering, Production Engineering.

Smart Mobility Design & Engineering

Smart transportation is another field that has a lot of potential in the future. This is the reason that there is a good demand for skilled workforce in the transportation and mobility sector in the country. As a mobility design engineer, you should not only get designing, but also have critical, analytical and problem solving skills.

Career Options: Design Engineering, Automation Engineering, Research Science, Material Engineering, Industrial Automation Engineering, Production Engineering, Railway Engineering.

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