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BTS’ Kim Namjoon aka RM Pens a Profound Letter on His Birthday: ‘I Won’t Ask You To Love Me But…’ – News18

Curated By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: September 12, 2023, 07:08 IST

BTS leader Kim Namjoon, also known by his stage name RM, penned a moving letter on his 29th birthday. The rapper, who is expected to enlist for compulsory military training soon, took to Weverse and shared his deepest thoughts with the fandom — ARMY. As translated by X (previously known as Twitter) user @seoulocello, Namjoon confessed that birthdays are not a special day in his life but he feels ‘blessed’ to receive abundant love from fans.

Marking his final birthday in his 20s, Namjoonie said that he struggles to put his thoughts into words, something that he had previously admitted to. He added that the struggle hasn’t changed. However, he feels he has become a lot more optimistic person in life and has been approaching life with a ‘why not’ attitude. He beautifully opened up about how he feels that he can express himself best through music.

As he concluded the letter, Namjoon assured fans that he was doing well lately and thanked everyone for the love they showered on him. He said that he might not ask fans to love him but he will try to return the love he receives from the fandom. Read the complete translation of the letter as translated by @seoulocello on X.

This is the last birthday of my 20s. I’m not sure if it’s due to the nature of my occupation, but when it comes to birthdays, they’re always accompanied by a slight feeling of bashfulness. Although I think to myself that this is just a day no more special than any other.. I feel truly happy and blessed that so many people are sending me such sincere congratulations.

Every now and then, I think about how love is the act of bringing someone’s name into existence.For Kim Namjoon to have become ‘Kim Namjoon.’ Today may be just one of many days, simply another one out of the 365 days in a year — but the fact that this birthday didn’t become just another passing day, even for my 29-year-old self, is all thanks to you all.

I’d like to be the most honest person I can be, but I cannot help but wonder: When it comes to fans and artists — these beings that lie somewhere between the realms of the intangible and the tangible — what hurdles are they capable of overcoming, and to what limit can their relationship be taken to? Under the phantom of kindness called “love,” can it be said that all things are granted unconditional acceptance? Even now, I’m not very sure, as I still quite often experience instances where opening up to others turns into a weakness and sharing honesty causes hurtful feelings.

I’ve mentioned before that I feel sad about finding it more and more difficult to put my thoughts into words, didn’t I? I think this still remains unchanged. Even so, I can say that I’ve become much more at peace. Like a downpour of heavy rain, I’ve been showered with so much heartfelt love — something that would be a privilege to receive even once in a lifetime — that I came to realize that I’m a person of optimistic nature. Me, who used to idolize pessimism and nihilism. Isn’t this a miracle? These days, I stick by the phrase, “Why not.” I’ve been sharing this newfound optimistic spirit that has been unraveled by all the love I’ve received, even if with just those closest around me.

I’m also firmly planting this side of me into the songs that will be released someday.

Right. Can a mere person like me express honesty through any other means that’s more beautiful than music? Despite knowing the answer, I sometimes feel that it’s not quite enough. I suppose this is perhaps a reason why I became BTS. Because I wanted to fulfill this need in various different ways, whether it be through TV programs, interviews, dance, or whatever it may be.. How blessed is this life? These things also motivate me to always look clearly where exactly I am at with my own eyes and to contemplate on myself.

They say that when there’s an overlap of coincidences, it’s an inevitability. And that coincidence is really fate disguised as coincidence. I think my giving this letter to you at this very moment is a similar idea. I have this feeling that no matter what version of myself I might’ve become today, I would have been writing this letter in September of 2023 all the same. Every birthday letter of mine comes from the place in life I’ve reached that moment, each letter being its own unique love language. Thanks to you all, I’m really doing well these days. I want to live well. I just wanted to deliver to you that I love you as the most recent, best version of myself I can muster every time I say this. I may not be able to physically hug each and every one of you all, but the love in my heart extends far beyond that. I won’t ask you to love me no matter what state I may be in. I just hope to give back as much I’ve received from you all.

My last birthday of my 20s is once again passing safe and sound. Even if we may not be under the same sky, let’s all stay healthy and be happy for a long time. Let’s meet again after a little while.

I’d also like to wish you an early, or perhaps a belated happy birthday from the bottom of my heart! Thank you.

News18 Showsha wishes Kim Namjoon a very Happy Birthday!

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