Bulldozer runs on 2 conditions in UP, Javed’s house demolished as per law in Prayagraj. Bulldozer runs on 2 conditions in UP, Javed’s house demolished as per law in Prayagraj

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On June 10, the district administration team gathered in front of a two-storey house in Prayagraj’s Kareli area. The officials pasted the notice on the wall of the house. In it it was written, “The two-storey luxurious house built in 1500 square feet in JK Ashiana Colony should be vacated by 11 am on June 12.” This house belonged to the mastermind of Prayagraj violence, Javed Ahmed alias Pump, against whom there is an allegation of building a house without passing the map from Prayagraj Development Authority ie PDA.

Two days later, at 11:30 in the morning, once again the team reaches the front from that house. Enters the house, takes out some things. Yes, given a little time, half an hour to the limit, because if you want to take out the essential items from the house, then take them out.

This time there were 2 bulldozers with the team. By 4:30 pm, the house was razed to the ground by bulldozers. After the action at Javed’s house, talks have started again on the bulldozer. People are searching on the internet about the rules of running a bulldozer.

Let us know the rules related to the action of the bulldozer …

According to UP Police, the district administration can run bulldozers in 2 conditions

first condition: If a person occupies any government land and builds his own property there, then bulldozers are used to vacate the government land and demolish the illegal construction. For this, a notice is sent by the district administration to the occupier to vacate the house first. On the day of action, the police force is deployed in the area of ​​1 km of the land where the bulldozer is to be operated.

Prince Lenin, Advocate of the Lucknow High Court, says, “Under the provisions of the Uttar Pradesh Regulation Building Operation Act 1958, a notice is sent to the owner of an illegally constructed building. Section 10 of the Act states that it takes two months to respond to the notice. It should not take much time. However, it depends on the authority whether it gives time of 2 months or 2 days.”

This picture is of Javed’s house. On Sunday, June 12, at 1 pm, the action of running bulldozers from two sides of the house was started. The entire action was videographed.

Second condition: If the offender continues to abscond after committing the crime, even after the police warrant is issued, he is not surrendering. Then the administration orders attachment of his property under section 83 of the Code of Criminal Procedure i.e. CrPC.

Advocate Prince explains, “Only attachment of property can take place under the rule of CrPC. Sometimes the criminal is absconding for a long time and he is not concerned with his property. In this condition, the administration sometimes demolishes the building.”

Now tell you what happened in the last 5 years?

Action taken on illegal properties worth 2081 crores from 2017 to April 2022
In a presentation given in front of CM Yogi in April, it was told that only after the formation of the BJP government in 2017 by campaigning against 25 mafia like Mukhtar Ansari, Atiq Ahmed, Khan Mubarak, Anil Dujana, illegal assets worth 2081 crores were confiscated. This includes, along with bulldozers, encroachment on illegal properties.

After Prayagraj, bulldozers can also run in Moradabad

The picture is of June 12 afternoon, when the bulldozer was passing through the Jama Masjid crossroads.

The picture is of June 12 afternoon, when the bulldozer was passing through the Jama Masjid crossroads.

In Moradabad also the administration reached with bulldozers. On the afternoon of 12 June. Police force and officers were also on the spot. The bulldozer reached Jama Masjid crossroads from Mughalpura. Here the Municipal Corporation made preparations to demolish the illegal properties of those involved in the violence. The police have registered an FIR against 90 people involved in the violence in the Jama Masjid area.

Of these, 34 accused have been arrested so far. After reaching Jama Masjid crossroads on June 12, the administration has given one day time to remove illegal encroachments at the identified places. After this, the Municipal Corporation will run bulldozers on illegal properties. That is, on Tuesday, some buildings will be grounded here too.

After Javed in Prayagraj, the houses of 36 more miscreants will be demolished

While demolishing Javed's house, care was taken not to damage the surrounding houses.

While demolishing Javed’s house, care was taken not to damage the surrounding houses.

  • Police claim that Javed Ahmed is the mastermind in the violence in Prayagraj.
  • Javed Ahmed’s house was in 39C/2A/1 in JK Ashiyana of Thana Kareli area.
  • By the late evening of June 12, almost 100% of Javed’s house had been demolished.
  • Barricading took place at various places in Kareli. CCTV cameras were installed in the surrounding area.
  • The houses of 36 more miscreants have been identified in Prayagraj, which will be demolished later.

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