Bus Stop Worth Rs 10 Lakh Goes Missing In Bengaluru, Police Launch Probe

The police have registered a case under Section 157 of the CrPC.

A bizarre news has emerged from Bengaluru, where a partially-built bus shelter has disappeared from a busy road. The stainless steel structure was being constructed on Cunningham Road at a cost of Rs 10 lakh.

The bus shelter had chairs, roofs, and poles, but nothing was spared.

It was maintained by the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC). The transport body’s vice president, N Ravi Reddy, filed a complaint about the theft on September 30, after which the police started an investigation.

The police have registered a case under Section 157 of the CrPC.

The police are now analyzing CCTV footage collected from buildings installed in the area.

The news has generated numerous responses from social media users who expressed astonishment at this peculiar theft. Among their comments, some pointed fingers at the city’s inadequate security measures.

“A stainless steel bus shelter worth Rs 10 lakhs went missing soon after its erection in Bengaluru’s prime location, Cunningham Road. Speaks volumes about the inefficiency of police,” commented a user.

“Cunning robbers stole a bus stop worth 10 lakhs on the Cunningham Road in Indian Green Infotech Valley, the best planned city, i.e., Bengaluru,” wrote another user.

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