By becoming an employment officer, he took away 18 tola gold and 38 thousand. Became an employment officer, took 18 tola gold and 38 thousand

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In village Gugalkota, a man pretended to be an officer of the employment office and put Rs 38,000 in his account through phone-pay on the pretext of giving a job to the son of a widow in the Air Force and sniffed intoxicants to the widow and fled away with about 18 tolas of gold jewellery. . Station in-charge Vikram Chaudhary said that in this context, Lokesh’s son Ratan Singh Rajput lodged a case that on October 6, late in the evening, a person came to our house and, claiming himself to be an officer of the employment office, asked my mother Sunita Devi, widow Ratan Singh, to send me the army. Talking about putting in, talked about registration through phone-pay.

When my mother opened her phone-pay on my mobile, she asked my mother for the password and transferred 23 thousand rupees to her account. On October 11, this person came home again and again asked to open the phone on mobile, this time Sunita opened the phone-pay from her mobile and told the password, then he transferred another 15 thousand rupees to his account and left Sunita alone in the house. On seeing him, the accused sniffed drugs and stole three gold rings, two gold chains, one gold bracelet, one gold necklace kept in the cupboard.

By registering a case in this context, the police has also informed the cyber crime unit about the matter. Police is trying to trace the accounts in which the money has been transferred.

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