Cabinet minister Anil Rajbhar was talking about protecting culture, mask and social distancing created distance, wearing mask while taking photo | Cabinet Minister Anil Rajbhar was talking about protecting culture, distance made by mask and social distancing, wearing mask while taking photo

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  • Cabinet Minister Anil Rajbhar Was Talking About Protecting Culture, Mask And Social Distancing Created Distance, Wearing Mask While Taking Photo

Varanasi9 hours ago

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Forget to wear a mask when meeting.

On Thursday, Anil Rajbhar, Cabinet of the Department of Backward Classes Welfare and Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities, Uttar Pradesh, flouted the guidelines of Kovid-19 at Suhaldev Park in Sarnath, Varanasi. The minister was neither wearing a mask nor following the rules of social distancing. However, when it came time to be photographed, the minister was wearing a mask. This negligence of the minister remained a matter of discussion among the people.

After garlanding the statue of Maharaj Suhaldev Rajbhar, Minister Anil Rajbhar said that on this day King Suheldev had protected the Sanatan culture by killing Salar Masood Ghazi in battle. We all celebrate this day as Vijay Diwas. On this Vijay Diwas, we all should always be ready to protect the culture and traditions of the nation while being loyal to unity, integrity, nationalism, by reading and understanding his philosophy of life.

Minister Moti Singh’s mask was seen stuck on the chin
Rajendra Pratap Singh alias Moti Singh, Cabinet Minister of Rural Development and Overall Rural Development Department of the state also reached Varanasi on Thursday. After darshan-worship at the Markandeya Mahadev temple in Kaithi, the minister was given a memento and his mask was on his chin. At the same time, those who were honoring the minister did not show masks on their faces, nor were they seen following the rules of social distancing.

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