Cadbury Perk is Adding ‘Disclaimers’ to Hundreds of Videos, Here’s Why

Cadbury Perk has launched an ad campaign called ‘Cadbury Perk Disclaimers’, wherein the brand will play disclaimers before videos on YouTube. Cadbury Perk introduced the campaign through a video on its YouTube channel where it has urged people to ‘Take it Light’. In the beginning of the video, a montage is played where an audience can be seen hurling abuses at a stand-up comedian. Through audio in the background of the video, the ad underscores how “every week there is a new controversy, followed by an apology.”

It further talks about the way said apology then gives rise to another controversy. In order to shed some light on the issue, Cadbury Perk decided to use disclaimers before videos while making its point.

For instance, the brand plays a disclaimer saying, “Contains scenes of graphic violence against carrots” before a video of Carrot Porriyal Recipe. Similarly, it places numerous disclaimers before popular videos on YouTube in a bid to mock people who tend to take offense over minor issues.

Concluding the video, Cadbury Perk advises people to take a lighter approach towards things and says ‘Light Ho Jao (Take it light)’.

The advertisement soon went viral and amassed more than 42 lakh likes on YouTube. In the comment section, users applauded the efforts made by the brand for its efforts. “Now these are the kind of advertisements we need,” wrote one user. “The marketing team deserves a raise,” wrote another.

As reported by Business Insider, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India, Sukesh Nayak said that “these days we get triggered by anything and everything.” He further said that Perk has always kept a light and fun approach towards things. He claimed that they looked for the most trending and most-searched videos on YouTube and then used back-end automation to customize disclaimers and place them before the videos.

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